Cal-mag and silica

Nice I got the epsom salt and that organic molasses could u give me a watering schedule

Here’s my plants

Could u look at my pic
I think I butchered my plant but i might be just tripping could u give some advice

Plants look good. The little ones you could probably just give a cup of water in a circle about 4” away. That should last them a week or so. The larger one you could fully water. You don’t want a bunch of runoff in super soil so just water to the point you get a few drips out of the bottom then stop.

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Ok thank my friend

@GreenSnek @BobbyDigital I’m growing in a master bedroom closet so no tent but how can I get rid of smell any suggestions? I’m in a rental I need to have this talk my plants stank of goodness and any suggestions will do

6 inch ac infinity fan ducting and carbon filter that will also act as an exhaust to rotate air

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I don’t have to have a tent for that

Have u heard of portable air filter with charcoal? I know there’s something out there thanks again

Yea I used one in my old closet grows all the time If you want it more airtight hang up a sheet of mylar or blanket( the problem with a portable air filter is , it won’t exhaust the used air)

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Your rite I didn’t think of that I’ll probably just get a air freshener machine and put it in my room to mask

@GreenSnek am I seeing pistols forming

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Yup those are pistols that’s a girl

So now I can start the molasses and epsom salt correct and how often sir?

Could u show me this set up I wanna get mine going thx

@BobbyDigital hello sir could u help me what’s the best coco or soil to use. I’m tired of pH checks and all that high maintenance stuff is there any suggestions?

Any quality soil will work for you. Fox farms, roots organic original, Root kingz, kind soil, etc. Youll still need to ph your feed solution. From there the soil will do the rest. Not sure which coco is best. I don’t have the time to water daily so I haven’t gotten into the coco

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Thanks again for the info :v:

@BobbyDigital could you explain this seedling issue I’m fox farm ocean for soil

Don’t know that there’s an issue just yet. Looks like it just sprouting. OF can be too hot for certain strains though.