Cal-mag and silica

Just plain epsom salt. No fragrance. Only ingredient should be magnesium sulphate. According to pot for pot it should be water only but I haven’t had much luck with super soils being able to go water only all the way through.

Thank you fellow grower

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I wonder why they tell new growers like myself that this is all u need it’s ridiculous. Thx again man I’ll get back soon

For me it’s half a tespoon of Epsom with half a tablespoon of molasses dissolved in a gallon given once a week

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Molasses please tell me more buddy this is new news lol

Is this a straight organic if so I’d love to learn more just get back when u can my fellow grower

Can I see some of your plants

Molasses feeds the microbes to increase speed of break down , also adds potassium calcium and iron this is my last group Pic of my auto organic grow

And my 2nd tallest plant 27 incher orange sherbert (I needed more silica ,they had structural issues particularly my 37 inch strawberry pie)

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So just molasses and epsom salt with Sicilia occasionally. I like your style son lol :rofl: could u coach me

Here’s mine I’m at week 4 and a couple lil ones.

Such beautiful plants my man did they smoke nice and potent

I wish it was that simple here’s a link to my Current grow journal and here a link toMy older beginners guide that had some more basic info , but yes the terps come out AMAZING , they re slightly smaller then if you use synthetic nutez like Jack’s 321 but it’s less measuring, and after 2 months of cure they’re smooth as silk

Thank u kind sir thanks for your time and I might be back lol but I won’t be a pest :laughing:

Here are some


Just be aware that using epsom salt can affect your plants ability to uptake nutes…go easy…monitor your ph/ppms levels so ya don’t create your own lockout

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1/2 epsom salt per gallon

Those are some nice looking plants thx for the pics could u mentor me I just want some potent buds not much to ask rite lol :rofl:.

How did u get those stalks so perfect when did u start training her ?

Do a search on “Manifolds” or “SOG”….might help answer your ? About timing

All of them were topped and pretty much let go from there. The white widow and gold leaf were scrogged. So the scrog net trained them.

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