Cal-mag and silica

When mixing cal-mag, nutes and silica what would be the correct order?

I always add in silica first and let it dilute fully before adding anything else in. When I used calmag, I used it on water only days.


What if you put the silica in last.

Mine states to add first and mix fully before adding anything else. Not sure if adding it after prevents it from mixing properly.


It probably just benefits from getting mixed extras times to dissolve more evenly I know the nectar for the god soluable potash infused fertilizers are the first to get mixed in

Silica will coagulate when mixed in with other nutrients. Learned this the hard way…

I mix in separate containers 1 gal water & silica , 4 gals water , cal/mag and then nutrients and then add them all together.

Silica needs to be thoroughly dissolved in the water before adding with anything else


R/o or distilled you always add cal/mag first then nutrients in that order.

Tap I don’t believe matters but as a creature of habit I use that order as a constant practice


@PharmerBob that is useful info. What could some of the symptoms be for adding silica in the same container after cal-mag. I mention that as that is what I did and this is what happened shortly after.

It can cause nutrient precipitation which will render the nutrients useless. From the pics of the plant it looks like it rendered your calmag useless.


How could I fix it would a flush help.

I would just water and calmag. Or if you have epsom salt, go with water and epsom salt at about 1tsp per gallon because I’m seeing more magnesium deficiency than a calcium deficiency

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She’s due for a drink tomorrow. I’ll water with epsom salt. Should I water till pot. Is heavy or till runoff. I usually water till Runoff.

Water till runoff. You’ll want that pot saturated with some magnesium goodness.

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Will do. Thx

Hello sir what’s does Epsom salt do to marijuana plants

Adds magnesium and sulfur both secondary nutrients(along with calcium)

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It’s a good magnesium supplement for flowering. You can use that instead of calmag so you’re not adding nitrogen you don’t need. It also contains sulpher which is good for plant terpines.

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I’m super new and I got 3 going all indoors and in pot for pot cocoa 5 gal balcony kit
So do I need extra nutes ?

So epsom salt is a benefit to the plant what’s the schedule

Any specific brand of epsom salt