Cal/mag and auto's

Quistion anyone out there with autoflower experience heard of auto’s needing more than the recomended dose of cal/ growing under led’s and using r/o d/i filter with general hydroponics cal/mag

With both ro and LEDs you will need the extra calmag. Ro has nothing in it and for some reason LEDs require more

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Thanks for the reply man.any any recomendations on how i should proceed she’s lookin pretty bad.the ph was kinda low but i flushed her a couple days ago at 7.0 and followed up with my regular feeding mix witch is dynagro bloom at 3 tsp 4 gallons and gh kool bloom bulking at 1 tsp and brought the ph to cal mag at 5 mls per g

No idea. Without pictures and more information I can’t help anymore

Under stood i actually have a support ticket for this exact plant amnesia haze auto but wasnt sure if i should post the question under that same ticket or just thriw it out there as a general question

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Do you have a ppm on your feed/runoff? She looks hungry.


No my last grow with these nuets i just used the recomended dose never went above and it worked out good so i havent been checkin the ec.big mistake got comfortable.

I really don’t see any calcium or magnesium issues.
She does look hungry (ie. Needs more nitrogen), but she also looks pretty far into flower to be upping the nitrogen. How many days since the pistols appeared?


About two weeks give or take a couple days.

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Going to have to agree looks hungry and dry nothing out of the norm I see looks like the leafs are turning yellow but the buds are eating the leafs and making you fatter buds keep it going looks good

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Looks great for 2 weeks. Great work.
A little extra nitrogen will be ok at this point.

Keep in mind that most cal/mag has Nitrogen, so be careful adding it in late flower. Not that you need cal/mag now.

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Good LEDs will cause your plants to really go through calcium.

Using Ro water will also necessitate adding calcium and micronutes.

When do you cut cal/mag in flower? Using RO & Qb?

Im using ro i usually dont stop cal/mag untill i start the flush.

I use a nitrogen free cal/mag after week 5-6 of flower. I taper nitrogen about week 5 and eliminate it approx 3 weeks before harvest.

Just got done watering her got a runoff e.c at 1.86

I think that corresponds to 1300. Just want to keep it below 1500. I run about 11-1200.

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I usually cut Calcium about 3 weeks before harvest. Magnesium about 2 weeks. I use a QB, but not ro. Either way, that close to harvest, it’s ok to cut the calcium.