Cal in soil? Tap water

I converted this fox farms schedule to 500 scale because the one fox farms puts out is 700 scale and that’s why people burn their plants with the fox farms product.

This is the one they put out on 700 scale:

This is where the ppms should be if your meter is on the 500 scale:


Okay I stole it because that’s epic.
Yeah I’ve never used ff or looked at their scale but Jeeze no wonder eh

Very nice man

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I use RO water, so I add 7.25ml/gal when I feed (I brew earth juice nutes in 4 gal batches). I also give a little extra magnesium when they ask for it, as well as adding Epsom salts during later flowering.

I basically grow organic with earth juice, so I’m not concerned about burning the plants with too much food. I vary my ppms through the grow. I start feeding when the initial fox farms runoff drops below 1600ish. I slowly bring it up into flower when I begin adding phosphorus, then slowly decrease it when I drop the Nitrogen. Even though a flush isn’t necessary I still do one with about 10 days left. I bring the ppms down to 300, then only water with magnesium and hi brix molasses.


Yeah RO will cause that alot faster for sure.
Sounds like we are all on generally the same page though.
I wait until my soil starts to drop, keeping an eye on what my recipes ppm’s say I should be for that week, and if it drops I bump it up with my base nutrients. I add a little cal mag when I feed once a week or every 2nd week (haven’t decided what works best yet, thoughts? Once a week or every 2nd week?)

Tell me if this sounds correct to you guys because I may be doing this part wrong with the cal mag.

Feed chart sais to be at 1500 but my run off is 1100. My water TDS from the tap is 200 (let’s say for ease of the matter) so I need to add 400 TDS worth of base nute + cal/mag. So I add equally amounts of base nute& cal, with slightly less mag.
I continue this until I get to my range of 600 TDS, 400 worth of nutes 200 worth of tap water.

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Wow as a newbee with reasonable interlect these soil nutes etc …are bewildering and somewhat overwhelming!! my brain has imploded lol I’m still taking notes in prep for my oncoming grow, first!
Happy grow :seedling:

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