Cactus Jill in the house!

  • What strain: ILGM blueberry auto
  • Method: A pot for pot, with some FF oceans added to top as the soil settled
  • Vessels: Fabric pot, 3 gal?
  • PH of Water: usually keep it around 6.3-6.5 altho in the beginning I had strips and they lied! So I fried my poor girl (like 8!! And then I added vinegar so it was like 5!!!) until I got the pen.
  • PPM/TDS: well my water sits at like 115, with nutes it like popped up to over 3000+ (ff trio at like half to 1/3 dose) have it tweaked to about 800-1200 depending on last feed.
  • Indoor
  • Light system: MARS HYDRO TS 600 LED GROW LIGHT + 2’X2’(60X60CM) INDOOR FULL GROW TENT KITS (yea I know I know but it’s only 1 plant and I have limited space)
    Right now it’s about 12ish inches away from the canopy (the one tall cola :rofl:)
  • Temps; Day: 20-24ish C… Night 19-21ish C
  • Humidity; Averages between 30-50 depending on house temperature
  • Ventilation system; Yes. 4" inline duct fan, 4" carbon filter
  • Crappy little humidifier but it helps with the dry mountain air
  • Co2; Nope

Alrighty! So first time grower here. Always been a ‘love my plants so much they die’ kinda grower… I swear they need to be fed and watered daily like me hahaha
I will put a complete journal up soon BUT seeing as though she’s already a sexy little flowering girl, I’m just posting for a little input.


  1. Heat/light damage on the top? Might be nute burn, but the bleaching/yellowing color of the leaves are me think it’s a deficiency of some sort. I’ve looked at the chart SO many times and I’m like yup… it matches like 8 different options soooo as long as the spikey little love buds are still looking good, I’m not gonna mess with her too much.

  2. Today will be my last cal mag (no nutes, I fed a couple days ago) since she’s about 7.5 weeks yea??

  3. Thank the gawds she didn’t get much taller, I had to move the vent system outside the tent cuz she’s a leggy little lady (didn’t have a grow light for the first month or so… she loved reaching for that sunshine on my window sill)

  4. I’m scared to death for harvesting to come. After all this hard work I don’t wanna butcher it!!!

Gonna post a buncha pics here. I’m not going to try and train her since she’s into flowering and any changes in light (besides distance) or nutrients probably won’t be made this time around unless it has to do with something I already have (next grow I’ll be taking all the info from this place and using it!!)

Just wanted to share the love and joy of my first grow! I’m damn proud of myself!! Thought she was a goner before I got nutes… poor starving girl was sucking the life out of all her leaves 🧛🏻‍♀🧛🏻‍♀ But alas… She’s ALIIIIIIIIVE!!! BWA hahaha! :woman_zombie:

Oh! And one more thing… totally grew this gal just for the grow. Not for the harvest amount. Next time I’ll incorporate the training for better bud sites, but for now I am basking in the glory of having not killed off another plantie baby!! :cactus::seedling:🪴

Would love any input! The good the bad the ugly :kiss: Thank you and ENJOY!!

:v::love_you_gesture:👩🏻‍🦰 Big Momma C


Here’s one from today! Curly crunchy tips :cry:


Also not quite sure who to tag on here yet. @CalamityJane I heard is pretty legit with autos??? Correct me if I’m wrong. @DebbieM is a hoot and helped me a lot too with her posts. @Buds @patchman @Hellraiser @abouttime all people I think were recommended to tag cuz y’all have the goooood info :star_struck: not sure why I can’t tag @dankloud… and I apologize if I tagged anyone not wanting to be tagged or if I missed some VIPs (super new here) long time stalker, first time poster (besides replying)
Thanks everyone!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey You tag anyone you want to, the worst that could happen is they won’t answer you. And I’m a HOOT? I’m gonna take that as a compliment as I’m not sure what it means, other than the sound an owl makes. Let me try @dankloud, well that was weird, it did not finish off the name for me.
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Oh a hoot is a GREAT thing! You got me laughing my butt off with your posts! I dig it! Love a good story too! And recipes lol youre just fun! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it’s a compliment for sure :green_heart::v:


Hey thanks. I’m wondering what happened to @dankloud, it’s really strange when it doesn’t fill in the name, he’s just gone. That usually doesn’t happen, as someone can be a regular on here and then not show up for a couple years and still be in the forum.


he got suspended for foul language and rudeness. Ok, that is much better than what I was thinking

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Not me. But anyway. Leaves being eaten in flower is normal. There is one concerning image that looks like nutrient burn. Although it usually isn’t just the tips, mine wasn’t.

How often are you watering at this stage?
My 3 gallons take 4-5 cups every other day and much smaller than your plants.

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Is it the newest photo? Last one I posted? I couldn’t tell if it was light or nutes, because to be honest the leaves were praying super hard and so I had the light about 9inches from the tip of her. I didn’t have much room left height wise in my tent lol so I was trying to keep her from getting taller during flowering: my fear is I’ll have to bend her at some point and stress her out.

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Oh!!! That’s an old old leave. One of the first big fans to appear actually. That was when I hadn’t been feeding her cuz I didn’t have nutes yet! I’ve actually tucked those guys under other ones cu they’re big and deadish and hiding some flowering areas


I usually edit my posts untill I cannot, instead of posting again. Sorry.

Yeah, looks good to me. Maybe a little thirsty. Got about a month till harvest though. Those are fresh flowers.


I usually water every 3-4 days and about a gallon goes in. That’s the now schedule. Back then I was weighing her to see if she needed watering :rofl:

And the tips on my top leaves? All dry and curled with the yellowing flower from stem? That’s my concern. Yea I figured about a month! I’m so excited! Will she get taller? I have so little room left to lift the light snd I don’t wanna burn the top


I still pick up my plants everyday. No shame there. Except the mother. I just tilt her, 10 gallons is heavy when wet. Lol

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Yea i pick her up or slide her around to feel the weight. I remember when I first started growing her I was convinced I’d never be able to tell when she needed water and Now I can tell just by moving her lol

10 gallons?!? Lotsa training? I feel like they’d grow HUGE!!

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Oh yes, covert grower! Forgot that one! Soooo many good ones I’ve seen or read and now I can’t remember… :rofl::rofl:

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She’s only about two months old. Goes into flower next. Have a first generation clone chosen to replace her. Wasn’t thinking when I put her in a pot that large. Will scrog her.

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Whoa! So that’s a photo right? You can just put her into flower? Scrog, with the nets right? I figured I’d LST the crap out of the next one I do. Altho my tents about as wide as it is short lol dunno if I need more room side to side or up! I need to spiral her like a fancy tree in the rich part of town :rofl:

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Hey welcome to the light (outta the shadows at least). Looks like ur off to a pretty solid grow. She’s coming on along. Those tips (as @Budz alluded too) are slightly burned. Bit too much Nitrogen. No biggie. Theyll be just fine. Also u should have a pretty nice harvest. She maynot be the most well trained but those buds look like theyll fatten up nicely.

Best of luck and have fun.

Also… not sure if i see a slight magnesium deficiency that you corrected already, or if she wants a tad more PK (not sure if its phosphorus or potassium with the yellow outside edges) but its also nothing to be alarmed about. When they flower, PK is the big nute request.