Cables for lights

What cables do you use for raising and lowering your light… I’m assuming those must be bought separately,especially when using hlg diy

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You can buy the ratchet type hang from top support bars. (Ebay)

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I bought a 6 pack of Viparspectra light hangers, and they’re fine. I haven’t tested their failure mode, but they’re inexpensive and available on Amazon.

I also have a swaging setup, which isn’t a bad investment if you’re hanging rooms.

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On ratchet style…

Yeah I figured it was going to be those as I thought I spied them in some pics, just wondered if there were other options that work better

If not then I will get some of those.

I’ll look into those @KeystoneCops

Prolly the most uncared for brand but never had a issue. Vivosun off Amazon


I’ve bought dozens of different brand ratchet style light hangers from Amazon. They’re all about the same quality. They’ve all been in use for years with zero issues.


Those vivosun ones were one I specifically was wondering about. You like those better than ratchet (which seem like they’d be kinda clunky to me but I know nothing)

I can get the ratchet style practically anywhere so I’ll try those first. They even have them at Dollar General which I service for my job every day

If I hate them I can always try the other options and ratchet tie downs are nice to have around for other stuff if I change course

Thanks everyone and any other suggestions are more than welcome

I purchased the 12 pack or more. I use these for all kinds of purposes for the tent. Holds plants up, lights, fans, and various other pieces of equipment like thermometers.


Is that of the ratchets?

Yes the rope ratchets, like Cannabian posted a picture of. I did purchase no name ones, work just fine.

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Lol the buy list just keeps growing, this is not a cheap hobby but in my mind I’m all in. Now if the dam IRS would just give me my money


Thank you covert lol. Same morning I’m having lol

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Lol the buy list just keeps growing, this is not a cheap hobby but in my mind I’m all in. Now if the dam IRS would just give me my money

Ima put together a list of all the stuff I need soon and that’s something that I’d not been thinking about until now.

I’ll probably get that multi-pack too as I’m betting that the extras will come in handy for ventilation and what not

Thanks for the advice everyone

Not really the cheapest hobby out there lol but main thing is light my budget was blown over on just light

Just dont get the ipower ones thwy are cheap. They work but there a pain in the butt to hang stuff yourself.

Lol What light did you get? I know what I can afford but I also know what I want and I’m tempted to just live beyond my means and get the hlg 600 instead of the 260. Thinking ahead as I’m sure ima really like doing this “hobby”

You guys get me so pumped up with the pics and conversations that I feel like this is the passion that I’ve been looking for as I’m kinda stale on my normal passion guitar and singing

I had a hlg 550r before they went to 600 an my better half tried hps now only by a very good friend I’m running a black dog 1000

Black Dog

Every time I see that brand I get Led Zeppelin stuck in my head for at least an hour… thanks for that lol

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The Hlg 600 comes with two ratchet hangers, 4 wires and 2 big carabiners. If you use 4 ratchet hangers and ditch the wires you can get the light higher if need be.

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Every inch counts