C99 into flower

I’ve been vegging 3 Cinderella 99 for a couple of months, Christmas eve I made 9 clones from the top of the plants and started training the rest in the manifold style. They go into flower next week so it’s time to do some sorting out

The clones were topped a couple of weeks ago to encourage the side branches, now I’m going to give them a deep topping to get an even canopy of 4-8 branches.



Top down:

The trimmings would have made nice clones but I don’t need them

Now to tidy up the mothers

I tried to grow manifold plants before but I was worried about removing the side branches during the stretch and they kind of “escaped”. This time I’m going to stay on top of them and try to get 8 single buds from each plant. Did some more training to try and distribute the stalks evenly and pull some of the taller branches down.

Group shot:

Next weekend they can go into the flowering tent


Looking awesome!

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I would have to whole heatedly agree with @MidwestGuy :point_up_2: looking awesome

Thanks, I’ve been wanting to grow C99 for a while and so far it’s going well.

I love the way you can really abuse weed and a week later it looks like nothing happened. It’s going to be interesting to see how the clones bounce back from the deep topping I gave them


Amen to that!

Looks awesome, good luck


Looking fabulous brother!

@Oldtimer69 @MidwestGuy @Enlightened420 @repins12 Thanks guys, I appreciate your appreciation :slight_smile:

72 hours and there’s been some nice growth, the 6 clones are noticeably bigger. I think a couple of leaves showed some Thrip damage so I nuked them with Mite Massacre. Will repeat on Saturday.

I may have to veg these for an extra week, the flowering tent is still occupied by 3 Girl Scout Cookies that are on day 68 of 12/12. I’ve been flushing them with plain water for 2 weeks and they just won’t finish :frowning: I’d show you but it has my signature “tip burn” and I’m ashamed :smiley:


Here’s a before and after of the middle row of plants, makes it easy to see the change


Wow that is a really nice change :grin:

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Y, I cut the top 30-40% of those clones. I come back 72 hours later and they’ve exploded, love how weed does that


Tent looks great!

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Out of likes but they are growing very well!

Another 72 hours and more growth

I have some GSC in the flowering tent, 71 days and still not done?

One of them still has a bunch of white hairs :frowning: I did take some trich pics but I still see clear when I take pics of buds halfway up the plants

Any thoughts? The GSC is 71 days since the 12/12 flip and 17days on just plain water


Pulled down a second GSC tonight, just the one with the white hairs left. She can stay until the end of the week.

Here’s number 2 all trimmed and ready to dry


Like deficient.
Nice! What does she smell like?

I’m quite sure my whole basement stinks of weed, I stink of weed, the dog stinks of weed. I can’t smell it anymore, sorry


That’s the only answer I need.
Good vibes and good luck :call_me_hand:


Very nice!

5 days have passed and the plants are growing like crazy, I am a bit concerned about the upcoming stretch.

The 3 big “manifold mothers” have huge, fat fingered Indica leaves and are more than ready to go in the flowering tent

This picture doesn’t do her justice

The six clones are looking pretty good too

Their roots are starting to escape out the bottom of the pots, going to have put their pot socks on soon - I grow in Autopots and I really don’t want roots finding their way into the Aquavalve and empty my whole reservoir into the tent

The final GSC will come down tomorrow, she could go longer but after 76 days I need the flowering tent the Cindy 99 won’t wait much longer.


You can dial up light intensity to help stall vertical growth a little if need be.

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