C02 Usage for beginners

Hi there… can someone please fill me in on how you use C02 in a grow tent?? I have been using a C02 generator I made using a bucket PVC Sugar water and yeast. I also adde an air pump and stone for a fish tank and a heater that can be dialed to a desired temperature… the pump and heater shut off during the night period (12/12). I have a piece of tubing connected to one of the monkey fans in the tent.

What I’m wondering about is use of a tank and regulator instead of the generator I’m currently using… first off. What strength C02 should I use? I noticed that there are many available at my gas store… 100%?

Co2 can be a good add on. It is hard to make sure you have room tent sealed so no gas leaks. I have a closet grow 6x6x12 and just tried to seal room. Way to hard and room got hot, 100, so I’m not. For the added growth that co2 gives is just not worth the time and money to set it up. I decided to get better LEDs than setup co2.