C02/Oxygen absorption via water? New TEch

So I met a guy in vegas at the Cannabis expo last year and I bought a machine that increases Oxygen in the water.


Basically it splits the O from the H but the H doesnt build up enough to be combustible. I’ve been using it in an aquaponics aquarium but I’m wondering if I can use it in place of oxygen environment treatment. I have a 5 gallon bucket with a toilet valve in the center on a timer to control my water schedule. The bucket fills and slowly over the next 2 hrs it drains into my plants (ins soil). My 02 grow machine has plates emitting inside the Bucket. so questions are as follows.

  1. Will the plants absorb the oxygenated water via the roots and still be able to use it?
  2. Anyone ever tried or herd of anything like it?
  3. For soil or coco grow would oxygen via air be more ideal?

that’s very impressive the question is how do you dissapate the hydrogen not a noob to Hydrogen generators I could make one of these for almost nada using an old computer power supply and couple stainless steal washers lmao. several convienient facts they leave out it raises water temps and if you understand the science of hho generators you would know that the more your ppm the more active it will become and more heat it will generate it also erodes electrode over time and releases iron and lead into water. You couldn’t use it for DWC only for a recirc system since roots could short out the plates and I wonder about the effect of current in the water on your plants?
But absolutely a viable idea and system it would in theory do away with bacteria and the use of h2o2 be worth further research
Thanks for the link

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Sorry In some ways I’m still newb…DWC?
My oxygen tester is broke and due for warantee return in 2 weeks. What I know so far is temperature hasnt changed with 5 degrees. Uses irridium plates

Website claims
Deliver 50% more dissolved oxygen than air stones
Do not warm water like bubblers
Use no moving parts or motors to wear out
Use less power…1 AMP per hour
Protect from root disease
Improve nutrient uptake
Activate microbes
Essential for compost tea brewing

When I bought it I actually made a deal to do some tests for him in return for a discount and sending him plates to test wear and tear. I run it in my water tank until it reaches the maximum oxygen it can hold, then I let it flow through the water line… I know the oxygen slowly lowers over time… How much time? how much as it travels? things I was going to test before my oxygen tester broke. Again I have adjustable timers on everything…if the oxygen only stays for 15 minuets I guess I could spread numerous small watering schedules throughout the day to maintain oxygen…

My main question for here is theoretically if I was watering with high oxygen water, The plant can utilize it in soil right? or would I have to do a hydro grow?

I was thinking about using one of these when I start my DWC Hydro
(Thanks for the heads up Donaldj )

Also see the system start at 299.00,
Oh it says it does NOT raise the
water temps ?

Cut and paste from there site follows:

O2 Grow Emitters…

Deliver 50% more dissolved oxygen than air stones
Do not warm water like bubblers
Use no moving parts or motors to wear out
Use less power…1 AMP per hour
Protect from root disease

Improve nutrient uptake
Activate microbes

Essential for compost tea brewing

O2 Grow 2020 SPECIAL With (2) Emitters

Show Special - Available For A Limited Time. Package contains: (1) Standard Control Box, (2) Emitters and (1) Power Cord. 20 Gallon Capacity.

 Cost: $299.00

Lol I had a HHO generator in my truck and still have all the controllers for it and plates mind you they are designed for the production of hydrogen and I can tell you it boiled water would get damn hot I had a radiator and circ pump to cool it while in use. However with a large enough res and low enough amperage it is viable but trust me electricity conducting through water splitting molecules it does produce some heat the sealed sides and fabric mesh isolator they use is a place for salts to build up or roots to perforate and short out. A high priced unit meant to sell some based on hype before people catch on to it’s flaws.
May work fine for system where roots can’t come in contact with it Deep Water Culture would have many complications to work around I like the idea and as I said in theory it’s a good system for ebb&flow. I certainly wouldn’t pay that much for it when I know how to make my own

the answer to your question is yes but you would also get same result from addition of h2o2 but indeed it would give plant a benefit. The reason water doesn’t heat up is you are using it for short time periods if run for hours at a time it actually increases reaction in an hho generator it produces more as water warms and controllers are used to prevent run away reaction as it draws more and more current as it warms water. The wear on the plates he wanted to test is iron released into your nutrient solution and salt from any nutrients present in water if it works for you by all means it concerns me only because I have used them for hydrogen and know what plates and water looks like after a few weeks as well as how dangerous they can be if controller fails.

I’m quite certain this guys tech is a lil diff than the hydrogen stuff your talking about. Similar probably but there is no iron present. Straight Iridium and very light current. He gave me a few models. I ran the 40 gal module in a 55 gallon barrel for some fish I transported. Him and his buddy designed it for keeping the prize winning Bass or other fishing competition fish alive during transport. He’s just recently been using it in hydroponic applications and we are hoping theres advantages for Green. I’ll post all the data once I get my equipment in. What I do have tested is even when run for hrs theres no significant heat increase… if any… And the ppm did not increase… I’ll try it out and post my results.