By the light, of the silvery moon


I won’t argue science, but it seems like science changes facts all the time. Eggs…good for you, bad for you, now good again. Same with butter and many other things.

The Earth is flat, now it’s round, Neil Degrasse Tyson is now saying it’s more like a pear.

Studies have shown that marijuana can lead to mental breaks, now there are more health benefits than we can count. Still scientific studies.

I believe science just tries to explain, and recreate, what God did. Only one of them constantly changes. The other has remained the same.

I don’t push my beliefs either. Not my job to convince anyone of anything, but I often state what I believe to be true. I’ve been wrong before, but so has science.

Science changes based solely on perspective, God does not change…


To deep for me dude.


I am the same way now… the last plant I harvested, the one I am about to currently harvest, and the one that I will harvest in two months all have had an IR night vision camera light on them the entire time; had blue light from a switch that I forgot to cover… I don’t really sweat it. If I can turn off my night vision camera light and don’t see any light on the camera, I figure that’s good enough. :slight_smile:


I went to the moon once, It was cool getting-stoned


I totally agree with you. The problem now is that under the banner of science theory is paraded around as fact and this dogmatic perspective is used for determining law and public policy. This is a problem for the reasons you outlined.


Lol…the problems go much deeper, Brother.


Superb info.
Check out
My Dad used the almanac’s Lunar Planting Guide back in the 50’s in Tasmania ( Van Diemans Land ) to plant by…
J68 :man_farmer:


its all about the colour temperature of your Photons.