By the branch or the whole plant

Probably but here’s the catch.

Decarbed weed loses a bit of potency during the activation process via decarb. So I think you’re right to say a properly decarbed product that is at 20% THC would very likely stay at or around 20% THC - as long as you store it properly.

I have a mason jar full of decarbed weed sitting in my freezer marinating in everclear. I don’t think it’s gonna taste good but I do feel pretty strongly that it will be exactly as potent in 6 months as it was when I stuffed it in there back in December.

I think to a certain extent this is the case, since THCa is more volatile. Granted, I don’t know whether THC if left out in the open (let’s say a big baking tray full of decarbed flower) would still lose potency over time, or if that rate would vary significantly from the rate non-decarb weed would. Storage for decarb is easy though since I don’t care if it’s dry, wet, frozen, or refrigerated. I do want my actual smoke to be 62% RH and chilled but never frozen.

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#1: I suspect you’re right, but then why is it recommended to store (decarbed weed) tincture in dark bottles.
#2: Some claim that weed naturally decarbs over time.

It does. That’s part of the process - degradation of the molecular protection is what decarbing is all about. I believe that may be why cured weed is more potent than Uncured weed.

Because I think it does still degrade. Just less rapidly (?)

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@Autofreak I tried hanging my outdoor last fall but didn’t have anywhere to hang over 8’’ers lol. You do what you have to sometimes lol. I was going on the idea that keeping it attached to the stalk might help slow the dry down a bit. Mine wouldn’t have looked nearly as awesome as @beardless plant looked. :+1:t2:

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This is what I was thinking. Thanks for your interesting, informative confirmation. When and if I get the ambition, I’ll run some TLC tests after this current grow.

@Fieldofdreams no doubt. @beardless plants look frickin sweet. I did chop her last night and totally chickened out hanging her in full. It was just so tight in the middle and I was terrified air wouldn’t pass thru it causing some sort of mold.


@Autofreak They look stupendous!! In 6 min I’m coming back!! (I’m outta love :heart: lol)

@Autofreak I’m baaaaack lol!!! With :heart::heart::laughing:

My concern as well. On top of that, add how thick your buds are, I think the prudent thing is to do exactly what you did.
An alternative way to extend the dry time is to it finish drying in an enclosed container like a large tote. After 5, 6, 7 days, conditions dependent, lay the branches in a couple of totes and essentially burb it to desired moisture content. For me, doing this added 3 days to the drying time. Well worth the extra effort.
Beautiful harvest. A couple more steps and you are home.