By the branch or the whole plant

Just curious is there is any benefit to chopping and hanging the whole plant. Typically I cut each branch clear off the bigger fan leaves and hang each individual branch. Didn’t know if it’s any more beneficial just to cut and hang the whole plant. Other then it probably taking a bit longer to dry, I don’t know of any other benefit.

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You hit it on the head already more material in the dry area results in a longer slower dry time which is what you want drying your harvest is critical always shoot for 7 to 14 days if possible 60f 60rh results in a tasty clean smoke after cure if you dry to fast it can cause alot of terps to just evaporate and you end up with a crapy taste of hay in your buds and its not enjoyable by any means

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If you think all the trics are done to your likeness go ahead and cut colas then if some are not done keep on growing the late branches or colas.

Roughly how long after chopping does the plant stay alive and continue to mature?

In my experience the time taken to grow out the bottom buds is not worth it, so I no longer do it. That time is better spent flowering out another plant

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I was wondering about chopping the whole plant. So, if I had 5% amber trichomes would it stay alive long enough to say go from 5 to 8% amber or will it stop progressing once cut.



Darn good question… wish I knew so I’ll tag along to find out too.


Though 5-8% seems trivial, it’s a good Q. I’ve understood from Dr. Bugbee, that everything has stoped within a few hrs of chop. The excess H2O evaporates, transpiration stops. Growth has usually stopped just before chop. I’d think one would be quite sensitive, to tell the difference between 5 and 8%. You’ll see more difference than that from bud to bud, I’d guess.


That’s interesting.

My limited understanding of trichome ripeness is that trichomes degrade based on things like exposure to light and oxygen - that’s why we store bud in airtight and lightproof containers (or in mason jars in a dark closet). So while the plant may not be alive for much longer than a couple hours past the chop, I don’t know that is a direct correlation with how much more amber may appear during the drying process.

I wish @Hellraiser was still active around here, it seems like a question he would have a good answer or at least nice theory about.

Okay, I went down a research rabbit hole and didn’t come up with anything different than the fact that light and environment affect the trichomes. But here’s an incredibly interesting article about trichomes and cannabinoids if anyone wants to read: Frontiers | Cannabis Glandular Trichomes: A Cellular Metabolite Factory | Plant Science


I read an article about trichomes ripening after cut. I can’t find it now, but the general take-away was that trichomes continue to ripen after chop and in fact they seem to never stop ripening. This was evidenced by the fact that cured buds left for a very long time in an airproof and lightproof environment did in fact degrade most of the THC to CBN.


Wow. What an interesting and intelligent conversation.

Thank you, from a newbie thats just sitting and learning.


So trichomes ripening = degrading = increasing amber?

I like to cut whole plants if possible. Growing outdoors sometimes you are forced to chop a little earlier than one would prefer due to possible weather events, such as rain forecasted for the next few days deep into flowering. Whole plants are less labor intensive if you are dealing with a large growing operation. If you are growing under ten plants I’d say it is okay to harvest a few limbs at a time to let some of the lower branches chunk up a bit more, but really it boils down to personal preference.

From my experience that is a yes. Trichomes do degrade over time aka turning to Amber. Its natural for the trichomes to degrade.

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My main concern is the flowers are soooo dense I’m trying to lessen any chance of mold.


Yes, anything but bud rot!

Here’s a Q; Does decarbed weed degrade at the same rate as non declared? Or does decarb set THC levels at all?

I tried hanging a whole plant once. Actually two northern lights

The plants were really tight and after a couple of days the fear of mold and other bad things overcame my desire to have a long dry. I broke them down into main clusters

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I pretty sure decarbing turn thca in thc. That’s one thing I did learn. Eating pot will not really get you high. It’s the heat, from lighting up, that turns the THCA into THC.


OK we know this, but the Q is; Do potential THC levels degrade less after decarbing. So say you have weed that would test 20% when decarbed. Does the degrade occur mostly during cure while it’s still THCa or does decarb slow down or stop this degrading of cannabinoids? OR, has anyone stored decarbed weed for any reason?