Buying seeds question

I’m trying to get some seeds. My card couldnt be processed. I’m debating just sending cash, but am curious if Bitcoin is safe and a better option. Any recommendations on a Bitcoin site to go thru? This is literally the only use for Bitcoin that I have lol.

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I had the same problem with my bank. I had to call the bank to approve the purchase. I used a different bank for my second seed purchase and it was fine.

Bitcoin is how i order all my seeds and i get them cheaper first cause of the discount and it was super easy

@jwood is there a certain site you prefer? Could I just use cash app? I’m sorta lost to be honest lol.

I’ve used cash for my purchases with no issues.

I use coinbase and bitpay i buy the bitcoin on coinbase and transfer it to my bitpay account and then buy the seeds from there

I have a Coinbase account and use Exodus for local soft storage of bitcoin. When I buy I transfer from Coinbase to my Exodus local storage and then transfer the proper amount to the seller from my Exodus local storage.

I appreciate the replies. Their customer service was able to get me fixed up so seeds should be on the way soon!

As it has been since the beginning. Cash is always the best way to do business! These folks are honest! Some folks might have tagging issues. Atleast some transactions are still best done green 4 green… Ive never had issue…

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I’ve always used Zell and never a problem.

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Sone of us have been placed on watch lists. Guilt by association stays with you for ever… Secondary Checkpoints at the Border suck. Getting your luggage rummaged through each and everytime you fly…

And I mean everytime! Hand swabs included… Once again for me… Cash is King. This last luggage check was from Kansas City to San Antonio.