Buying seeds - comparison chart?

Shopping for seeds, but it would be so much easier to quickly find what I’m looking for if there were a comparison spreadsheet/chart to compare all the things that are listed in the description of each strain (with all the information that is listed under descriptions of each type of seed) all in one place.
Having to look back and forth between pages gets me quickly confused unless I’m taking notes on every page.
Am I missing someplace to easily run comparisons on seeds?

Go to and it will get you closer to what you’re looking for

Thank you for the resource ThcinKC There is a lot there, but you still have to do a lot of individual clicking around with hours of time to get the information you want.
If you’re trying to sell seeds as ILGM is, it’d be much easier for anyone shopping for their seeds to go to one large spreadsheet (containing only their seeds) to have columns of attributes for all strains categorized.

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With over 15,000 strains good luck.

The main issue with seeds and seed breeders is that there is no regulatory standard needed to ensure proper breeding techniques. Thus when seeds are being sourced, we really don’t have any assurance that the genetics are gonna be what they say. Are they stable? Do they have lots of possible phenos? What was their source material? Do the breeders have any accountabilty for the product they provide? Legally? No.
My point here is that you can’t accurately chart seeds unless you also chart all the phenotypes as well. The only alternative is to sell only landrace non hybridized seed, then you could say the genetics were stable and you will get a 10 foot tall pine tree with lemon gas terpenes etc. That said many decent breeders are pretty honest and do provide phenotype info on their seed stock. Personally, I prefer to acquire my seed straight from the breeder and not from large vendors.


I know that it’s alot of time consuming effort on there but it’s the closest thing i could find i was looking for the same kinda information for cross breeding and growing
Another thing to consider is seed company abc has has white widow and so does seed company xyz but which one is better than the other and what company refines their strain every couple of years or test it to make sure it’s not deteriorating and pheno hunting some will tell you this and others will just cross something and say f1 and good luck growing it. I do a YouTube search of the breeders and their strains and see if it sells at the dispensaries because with choices around and people keep coming back for the same strain or basically would you buy it twice or not.

Thank you for this, but what I’m looking for is simply the information they already have when you are shopping for seeds on ILGM. I just wish they’d put THAT information about their strains (as they already know, and as already shown in their information) in one reference area where you can comparison shop.
No new information, just the stuff they already give have listed about each (of their) seed strains would make it much easier and faster to quickly compare the seed strains you are contemplating buying. ILGM is s seed vendor, are they not? How else are they supposed to sell me seed if they aren’t describing the characteristics of those seeds? They actually do this on individual product pages, but if they want to sell me seeds, then at least maybe they can make more of an attempt to try to make my shopping experience quick and easy by helping me with a comparison chart of their seeds and characteristics?
Bought some seeds last spring, they all germinated, and grew into 7ft plants Hahaha! So I love the company!
It’s mainly a suggestion for their website to streamline shopping for their customers.
Thank you BTW for your answer :wink:

Only talking about ILGM seeds, and shopping for their strains.
I would not expect them to chart me up every last strain possible, just the ones they sell and already give information on in each seed descriptive. Just want their info all in one place.:blush:

@Soapnut I was working on a database of all the strains and it’s a real pain in the rear. And it’s all subjective. Because how Blue Dream hits me will probably not the way it will hit you.

No one would have to do any research. All I’m suggesting is for them to put the information about ILGM seeds all in one place.
The information is already listed below each strain of seeds as you are shopping on their website. It’s not how it hits you or me or anyone else. It’s this information I am looking for to be in a comparison chart type format. It takes me several days if not weeks to do all the comparing I want to between strains because switching back and forth between pages makes me weary.
Just a rough count of ILGM seeds … they have 78 seed strains listed on their site. How hard is it to make a comparison chart for 78 the seeds they list on their site only, to make shopping easier for their clients?

If it’s not so hard, make your own database for your personal shopping needs. You only need to do it for 78 strains.

Personally I find it very fun looking up different strains. I’ve only smoked over 100 strains and I did have a database I made for myself. I no longer do one.