Buying nutes from ilgm


Hey all i was just wondering if when ordering nutes and mediums from ilgm do i still have to do it by cash for it to happen and does it take as long as receiving seeds


that is a great question @joshawa maybe @Majiktoker or one of the powers that be can answer this…


@joshawa, yes it takes just as long as seeds and dont have to be but you still can


yeah its going to take just as long if not longer. i would recommend getting them from somewhere in the US so your not waiting around.


Sometimes its shorter though to, received seeds 12 days got nutrients in 9 days, and im on western side of us


From the time i place my order, it’s always been a tune-around of two weeks to receive my order.
i’em ordering 3 seeds of each of the 7 auto’s that ILMG has and their Organic starter kit.



is that @Matthew420 hanging out with you Will??lol


It sure looks that way does’nt it lmao



Has anyone here tried these flower power nutes? And if so what do you think of them


Yes and they are worth the money, the work very fast and very well in soil grows, at past the start and grow do haven’t made it to the booster or flower yet


hey @Majiktoker have you tried the bug blast? also wandering about grow ,bud and thc booster worth it or not?


No haven’t tried any of those from here @BIGE, only the flower power, and the bud and booster part of the flower power or another nutrient


i’m going to go ahead and lload the gun, so to speak,with bug spray before i try growing outside this spring!