Buying legal or street


Massachusetts here. Love the liberal politics and it is just now getting into legalizing med weed. I am 70, still in great shape, and looking to smoke again for relaxation, sleeping better and just shutting out the sh’t. I did smoke when I was much younger, when pot was a sure ticket to "da slamma. I don’t socialize much anymore and have no contacts for buying street pot so I have been looking online for med shops in the area. My PCP is kinda wimpy when it comes to the new laws passed and giving me a prescription. I found a med weed sales business in the area and just next door to them is a pot business that sells medical weed prescriptions, for $200 a pop. Two questions:
One, your thoughts on buying legal med weed from a med shop, is it safer? versus buying on the street,
and two, your thoughts on buying the med weed prescription for $200?


Medical is not only safer in that you are less likely to get busted or have numerous other problems with maybe dealing with the underground criminal element, but medical weed is a controlled quality, from seed to bud, it is taken better care of, this means less contaminants in the fertilizer or maybe many other things in the way it was grown, to less mold or other things that got into it while it was stored or smuggled, I don’t know how many times I’ve found animal (probably donkey hair from the animal it was smuggled across the border on) or maybe human hair in street weed as well as other “things” that just shouldn’t be in there. Not to mention other worse contaminants that might get into it, sometimes they try to wrap it air and water tight and then smuggle it in in barrels of oil or grease so the search dogs can’t smell it at the border checkpoint and sometimes some of that junk gets through the plastic and into the weed. Medical is so much better than street weed, that in places like Colorado, no one wants the lousy street weed and it is almost impossible to find in Colorado now a days.

$200 for a medical prescription sounds about average for around the nation. Hopefully it will be 100% legal for adults everywhere in the USA soon, like Colorado and Washington. Your only other option is grow it yourself, that will save a ton of money and you know everything that went into it from seed to bud.


Hi,. I am a medical card holder from NJ and there is no way you will get better weed on the street than they sell in the dispensary’s. The only problem is its more expensive. In NJ it cost 530 for an oz but it is as good as you can get anywhere and like Mac said it is grown with the best of care and tested before it is sold to the patients. Get the card and enjoy.