Buying ilgm seeds from New Zealand

When I add seeds to my cart and go through the order process, I can’t seem to be able to enter my new zealand address. It won’t let me change the country from USA to nz. Help?

They don’t deliver to NZ that’s y brother

Damn, I’m shocked. I’ve been planning this purchase for ages. And I suppose I’m not allowed to ask where people in nz can reliably order from?

Thanks for telling me anyway, saves wasting any more time on that

I have gotten seeds into nz from weedseedexpress or theres seedsman @42o


Sorry didn’t realise wasn’t allowed to share link


So links are not allowed but a discussion may take place.

Nz and aus are hard places to ship to.

My go to seed banks are seed city and attitude, I would try them, if not then maybe true north since Canada has a good alliance with Nz

I’m in Canada and also can not obtain ilgm seeds without a 3rd party