Buying from ILGM


Hello all, I was just wandering about experiences from ordering from ILGM. I have a wishlist and just want to hear any feedback. Thanks!


I’m a cash customer and have received everything I’ve ordered in a timely manner. The Customer service has been great and the people on this forum are as well.


Great place and awesome people got my seeds really quick and the ones ive planted have sprouted definitely get something on your wishlist and ask any questions u have on this forum i have no experience and my girl is thriving


I have ordered seeds from ilgm a few times now and could not be any more impressed with the customer service.the plants that have grown from ilgm have also been top of the line! If you want seeds you can definitely buy with confidence


Thanks for the replys! I take it the packaging is discreet and safe?


I have lost packages from other companies , never ilgm but the government has more important things to do than go give you a scolding after they took your seeds. If they don’t get them which most likely (especially from ilgm) they won’t no worries


Never had an issue in a unfriendly state.


Thanks for the help. I have been reading a lot on this site and learning a lot! This is a great site! And everyone has been helpful, much appreciated!


:joy: wait till you get your seeds then you’ll really see what this community’s all about. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


I’ve had an order take longer than it should’ve, but it did show up. Also seems like a lot of the strains are shipping from much closer point now, so shouldn’t be an issue.


How is the supply to other countrys like Australia? @Ausgrow


Quite a few members from Australia in lab group. I don’t remember any of them complaining about shipping times. Not really something I watch there either.


The packages are discrete. I have order with cash and never an issue.


Lab group!!


Ask @Ausgrow he has gotten seeds before from Ilgm and he lives on that little island you live on :joy:


I love your PM


Yeah first one was quick. Second one I’ve been waiting about 6weeks but ilgm has sent out a new order so I guess we’ll see.


I have placed around 4 orders all through ilgm and all cash. Never had a problem. Their customer service is excellent if you should have any questions! I felt crazy to send cash the very first time I did it. But you get email updates and when it arrives it’s an awesome feeling. Didn’t take long either. Ilgm has my business.


Ive ordered multiple times with great success. Even if your seed doesnt germinate, they will replace it. I would be hard pressed to purchase anywhere else.


Nothing but the utter best! First 2 transactions were with CC, most recent CC would not work so I went with PayPal option. I had a White Widow Auto that went 22 weeks before ready for harvest, I asked Customer Service if they had any idea why, they said no and graciously offered to replace seed, which I turnes down.

You will have nothing but the best experience.