Buying another light today. Opinions?

I’m ordering another light today. I have 1 HLG 600R-spec and I am extremely happy with it. My plan is to buy another one today. It will be $697.00 total. I don’t think that is bad as it includes shipping and zero tax.

However, I am always open to the opinions of you great folks. Is there a better alternative that would justify any increase in cost?

One light just won’t cut it.

@dbrn32 I know you know your lights!


Look into ChilLed Tech lights. Couple of folks have them on here including myself. Seems to be doing great for me. Plants are looking great!
Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Thanks for the recommendation!


The 600 Rspec is a great light. Chilled does make great lights too. I would stick with the 600, but that’s just my opinion.


The Chilled light is at least 32% more for the same wattage. I do see where they have some different 600w models. But the 60 day minimum lead time is the real deal breaker for me.

They do look like nice lights though.

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dont forget the discount code “dude”


Thanks. I did add that in.

What is the total area you’re looking to cover? Hlg is good stuff, so is chilled. I think would come down to what will get you closest to target result.

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Another 5’ x 5’.

A bar styled light would let you run a little closer to canopy.

Do you think to is worth the extra $400?

I don’t think they are $400 better lights, but depending on how you plan to use may be worth spending more.


Pulled the trigger on the 600R-spec


Depending on grow space size of course but you can’t go wrong with HLG, however I just ordered the ChilLED X3. I don’t have it installed yet, but it is lower in price and made for my 2x4 tent. Worth checking them out if you can save a few bucks. Code is MRGROWIT at checkout if you get it.

I ordered my new HLG 600R-SPEC on the 15th and received it today, the 18th. Big shout out to HLG! Free shipping! $697 out the door.

Please don’t hate on my paint! I’m gonna paint in the spring.

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I have 3 HLG lights and you really can’t go wrong with them. I did set up my Chilled Tech X3 finally and man it’s nice too.