Buying an LED light

A question from a fellow grower:

I am looking to buy an LED light for my small operation (a little less than 2 Sq meters total space for 3-4 plants) here in Toronto, Canada.
The actual light I am interested in buying is the HollandStar full spectrum. 300 W . Its $160 cnd .
I hope you have time to throw me a quick email back with your opinions on the light. ( i.e is that light going to do the job , could I find a better deal for around that same price range etc.)

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Advance Led or Mars Hydro ?

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I have gotten 4 1000w led lights from Dh gate. They were only like $125 a piece. They work really well.

My biggest issues are the smell and how fast my dwc trees are growing.


Check out fluence ray light system used to be blm

I have a couple marshydro 300 that I got for $60 each on ebay directly from the manufacturer.