Buying a new tent, help

Am I expecting too much? Are the tents supposed to be “light tight” that is no leaks at all??? My current Vivosun leaks like a sieve. With lights on in tent and room dark it looks like a F-ing planetarium.

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I’ve always bought Gorilla Grow tents and have been happy with each of them. I’ve gotten in my flower tent before with the room lights on and the tent lights off. I could see some light through the areas around the zipper, but I’ve never had a problem with hermies.

No other experience than the one I got but the plant house tent I picked up doesn’t have any light leaks but I do wish it had a view window so you don’t have to unzip every time you want to view inside. I have the 3×3, maybe their bigger tents have a view port but haven’t looked. That’s the only thing I think could be better.
I bought gorilla high cfm bars for 4x4 lite tent and cut about a foot off each and it fits perfect.

My Vivosun leaks too but it’s in my dark basement. My no name tent is much better. Not a big problem for me but I’m not impressed with Vivosun tents

My first grow with this tent hermied, covered tent with heavy plastic sheeting no more trouble but seems silly to have to cover entire tent. I know the brand is a cheep one but I’d be pissed if north of 300. and it leaked light. Dont mind paying more but cant get any vendor to state warentee in writing.

My opulent tent is nice… really not as thick as my first tent but no leaks and my castle greens 1680 4x4 is a great tent

Maybe i got lucky but no leaks and I have cameras in both tents so I’d know lol

Ultra yield makes a great tent for a fraction of the gorilla tent! When zipped up it does not allow anything to escape

I was thinking of adding it into the grow but room did not allow for it to be there

Don’t mind what’s on the inside of there, that’s where we do most of the torturing around here


It just seems so haphazard, as I have read here and elsewhere good reviews and bad one regardless of price. I’m a analog guy in a digital world I guess.


Hi @Audiofreak I purchased 2 marshydro tents a 5x5 and 2x4 neither one has any light leaks and it is a lower price than the Gorilla I’m very pleased after 2 grows. Heavy material Zippers are great it has windows for viewing and when together it fits nice not to tight so you can get in behind the poles for hanging things like fans and ropes and has plenty of places to run wiring and ventilation on all the sides back and the top

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