Buulding a soil for outdoors

I have a Blue Dream seedling ready for an up-plant. She is in the nursery now in a Solo cup filled with FF Light Warrior holding a rapid rooter in place. She needs to plant up this weekend and harden off outdoors.

I have the following items on-hand now: A full bag of FF Happy Frog, Perlite, earthworm castings and a bale of Pro-Mix HP.

I’d like to create a situation in that she is pretty much self sufficient w/o having to fuss over frequent feedings as is typical of my indoor grows. Two of my choices could be to go straight Happy Frog or Happy Frog with some Pro-Mix and earthworm castings. I could even go straight Pro-Mix HP and top dress the medium with Happy Frog granular fertilizer.

If anyone has blended a medium with some of these elements, please holler so I can work up a mix this weekend. Thanks!!


Hi @MT3 Just browsing thru the forum. Mixed a self sufficient (except water) supersoil with recipe from @garrigan65 . I just tagged him. He is an ILGM moderator. Great guy. He’ll see this and fix you up with ANY soil questions. He is THE soil man here. I use ProMix HP also in my mix. Good choice. Good luck, happy grow.:wink::sunglasses:


I surely appreciate the feedback @stretchgfw.1957. There is a small garden shop near me but offers a very limited selection of any decent stuff. As long as @garrigan65 can suggest something simple, I’ll likely be able to put some self sufficient soil together this weekend. There is also a Home Depot and Lowes in a neighboring town, but usually they only have Miracle Gro type stuff. I’ll look forward to hearing from @garrigan65 when he has time to see the tag. Thanks!!

Here I am my friend, and I use MG potting soil Get this only ok it’s N P K is like 0.06 0.04 0.07 That’s not the NPK but it’s very , very close to it. U can add your ingredients for your soil using this I do. But don’t use anything else cause its way hot ok ?Are you making soil for veg and flower correct ?

Here is a pic of the MG Potting Soil

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Sorry to butt in but @garrigan65 I’ve been looking for your recipe where would I find that? TIA


Thanks @garrigan65 for responding. Yes, this will be the soil I plan to take the seedling from Light Warrior into veg and flower. The Blue Dream seedling is ready to move up, so I’ll try to get something together this weekend and get her into the new mix.

Do you have a recipe you can link for me to build the soil?

BTW…as I was posting, I see @Jbum asking for this same blend. Thanks for the help!!

Yes I do but i got to go, but i’ll be right back ok

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@garrigan65 - do you think I can build a decent blend out of the ingredients I have onhand?

Happy Frog
Pro-Mix HP
Light Warrior
Dolomitic Lime
Earthworm castings
Happy Frog Jump Start Granular Fertilizer

Using these ingredients will prevent me from having to go shopping tomorrow. There is a HD and Lowes fairly close, so a quick trip is within reason provided they have what I need.

I checked HD near me, and they do have some of the MG Cactus mix you linked.

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I’ll be by watching. Hope you dont mind @MT3. Good luck and common sense are very helpful in this. Read, read, read more. Tons of good helpful stuff. Happy grow, better product.you can do it.:wink::sunglasses: thank you.

Hi. I see my man @garrigan65 got back to you pretty quickly. He will talk you thru anything. Lots of knowledge to share. Tag me when you get going. I’d like to watch your grow. Remember what I told you about Afganny. Good luck, better grow.:wink::sunglasses:


Ya those will be ok But i’em not sure about the Happy Frog, What’s the N P K K ?
Go over to HD and get some …
Bone Meal
Blood Meal
and fish Powder if they have it or fish emulsion" It’s a liquide you can add this whn you water them say twice a month

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Ok, this sounds like a good plan. I figure HD will have blood and bone meal to amend the soil.

You mentioned fish emulsion - I am using it now on some tomatoes I started from seed. I made up some soil with organic nutes, then use the fish emulsion 2x per month along with a teaspoon of Epsom salts. The tomatoes look amazing. I have noted a similarity that if tomatoes do well in a particular blend, cannibas is likely to do ok.

BTW, if I pick up the MG Cactus soil, what recipe do you use to make the mix with the MG as your base?

Facing a ton of grass cutting yesterday and not having time to go to HD, I made a trip to my local garden store and decided to head in a slightly different direction with my soil build. I wanted to stay away from Ocean Forest, but after looking how much $$ all the individual ingredients would be, I bought a bag of OF for $17 which is a good price in my area. Love it or hate it, OF has many of the ingredients for a decent soil base.

For the Blue Dream, I needed to make 5G of soil. My recipe was:

2G Pro-Mix HP

1.5G Ocean Forest

1.5G Happy Frog

1 quart Perlite

2 cups earthworm castings

I don’t want to be totally dependent on feeding nutes, so the Pro-Mix needed some help - hence the OF and HF. I did a soil pH test when blended, and the pH tested 6.0. The Pro-Mix HP has a lime component to buffer the pH, and I can always top dress the soil with additional DL if needed. I use county water which tests 7.0, but chloramine and chlorine is a problem. I bought a carbon filter which removes most of the sanitizing agents, but the end result after carbon filtration is a pH of 7.4. With the natural tendency of the FF products to lower pH as the organic materials break down and feed the plant, the alkalinity of my filtered water should dial me right into the sweet spot of the pH range. Wish me luck with the Blue Dream grow.

@stretchgfw.1957 - do you build something similar with Pro-Mix HP as mentioned earlier in the thread?

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Wanted to share this link since this particular filter takes out more chlorine/chloramine than 2 other filters I used before. I tested the water before filtering and after. Tests after filtration did not have enough sanitizer to show up, so I’d consider the filter effective.

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Hi @MT3 you’ve got the right stuff. Yes, my supersoil is based on a recipe available from @garrigan65 . I modified it a bit. I think most people like it. Happy to share, if you like. Anytime. Did you get any response from @garrigan65 ? His stuff is in the forum. If you like just ask ANY question and tag @garrigan65 . Will is a great guy with a treasure chest if great grow info. Soil recipes and good compost teas. Easy to do, great results.:wink::v::sunglasses:


Thanks @stretchgfw.1957! If you don’t mind sharing the recipe you have used/modified with Pro-Mix HP, I’d love to take a look and print it for reference. Hopefully, my self-directed recipe posted above will get me in the ballpark. Thanks again!

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Hey @MT3 you re going just fine. You know what you want to do. Just don’t over think it. I actually have 2 recipes. Ine for veg. , one for flower. This is my first super soil build. It is untested, until now. But, came from the best @garrigan65 . Which would you like? Will also has some great tea formulas. Well worth the read. Super beneficial as root drench or foliar spray.:thinking::wink::v::sunglasses: Happy growing. You have Blue Dream?. Is that right? Me too. Looking forward to this grow. Seeds from ILGM?:thinking:

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Yes friend…got a Blue Dream (ILGM seed source) growing as we speak. I popped 6 of them and took all but the best looking one to my buddies farm to go outside. The one I kept just went into a 1.5G up-plant with the soil blend I mentioned earlier, she is around 3 or 3.5 weeks old. This one is outside in a very nicely shady but sunny spot with full morning sun until a bit afternoon…then gets shaded. I topped out the 6th node and its already putting me two new nodes!

I have a NL that is nearing harvest which opens up my tent in 1.5 weeks, so I plan to bring her inside to better grow her in the tent. Since she is probably gonna get tall, so I’ll keep topping her and balance my canopy this way with perhaps some LST. How old is your plant now…or have you popped the Blue Dream yet?? Lets keep tabs on our grows and I’ll send a pic this week.

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Hi @MT3. Sorry to not get back to you sooner. Having some health issues. Keep up the good work." Use your head…dont be a sheep." ala Rick and Morty. :wink::v::sunglasses:

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Hey! Sorry to hear you are dealing with health issues. Me too…I have an aortic valve in need of repair, but the surgeons plan to do it trans-cath so the recovery time is basically next day release from the hospital - almost out-patient.

So my Blue Dream is in the tent now and I’m doing some LST to control height in the tent. After two toppings, I am working her outward, then I’ll let her stretch upward.

Good health and happiness!!


Taken a few days ago, now her center is filling in quickly.