Buttons everywhere?

Hello all,
This is a picture of one of my first clones from my mother plant to begin her flowering stage she has been in 12/12 lighting for little over 2 weeks.
Can I please get some insite if I am on the right track or if I need to do more or less and how she is looking so far for how long she has been in this box?
Thank you in advance.

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Looks about where it should be. Lookin good.


I re-potted her 10 days ago for growing space
From a gallon to 10 gallons.

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Damn a 10 gallons awful big fir that size plant. I grow in 3 gals pots and usualy put a qp dried. How often do u water? I imagine it stays damp awhile

I took her out of the smaller pot the roots were wrapped all over the bottom and began coming out of the bottom of the pot i put a good size hole in the bottom of the tub and put about 5 inches of new soil in put her in and filled the rest of the way up i only give her a quart of water a day till it begins to run out then I stop. Giving feeding her every day also and keep a close eye to any problems none so far her light is 180 watt led about 15 inches above her with a fan in and out of her box room stays around 80 degrees always

I just re planted the mother in a 55 gallon pot same day. She is about 5 foot tall been in veg for 3 months

Less lst more topping next time