Butter very dark. is it ok?


I just slow cookered my shake and trim and was wondering why it is very dark. I checked temp. and was around 190 to 195 degrees, which I thought was fine. Does anyone have a guess if it is ok or did I overcook it.
I am also using shake and budz for tectine(sorry wrong spelling) and used grain alchohol… any suggestions on this also?


What did you use as a solvent? You either did not use enough; Or a solvent that was not pure enough; Or You overcooked it! ;(

You must use a double vessel method to reduce the oils and residue; Insure that you slowly derive the pure oil.


I used only 1 lb of butter and 1 1/2 qts water, slow cooker on low which was about 195 degrees. Now after straining and cooling, it has turned green. So I think it is I=ok. will test this weekend.
Thanks for your input


What’s up is that left from your harvest what was your total weight when done


Mine runs green. The cookies sometimes have a green tint. But my friends all love the added flavor and I can’t keep them out of my refrigerator when they come over.


I’m new to this forum and would like to know if my oil is amber in color instead of green because of potent genetics?

I make it from Kush and I use the same process I use too but now it’s amber.

I use pure 99% iso to make it.

It’s a one toke hammer in potency and my buddies all like it like crazy.

I know it’s not a reply to your post but was in the same area of knowledge.



sorry for the late reply. yes butter was from trimmings. all together 1.75 oz trim to 1 lb butter
harvest numbers: gold leaf 1 oz white widow 2 oz and super silver haze 2 oz. growing outside now for summer with 6 seeds that came from my hermed plants. I now have an extra hundred seeds or so all 3 strains gave me lifetime supply!


Good come up on seeds