But wait... I'm not ready yet!

About 5 weeks in flower, Bruce Banners Photos, last check, all clear trichomes, this week cloudy and amber… Probably more amber than I wanted.
I was hoping to go back to veg lighting for a couple of weeks to let the babies fill in a little more but wasn’t sure that’s how it worked.
So, since they have already gone to amber with some of them, I won’t be able to go back to veg now, correct?
Cause that would ‘overcook’ my top ones. Like I said I just wanted to not have the popcorn buds again like I had with the autos. Live and learn I guess.

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You’re looking at sugar leaves - at least based on the photos you shared. Trichome evals based on the sugar leaves aren’t to be trusted because they mature too fast and won’t be a reflection of the state of the trichomes throughout the plant.

It isn’t really how it works here. Once flowering, the buds will build. They stack til they’re done, or at the point of your liking.

If you switch a flowering plant back to 18/6 to veg, she’ll go into reveg and undo all the bud built during the 12-12 flowering cycle.

This is how I know with confidence you aren’t looking at the buds - 5 weeks is not long enough for buds to build and be fully mature. Even my early version strains take more than 5 weeks.


Nice looking plants , give them more time to finish up. :v::+1:


Yeah, definitely not done. No plant would be ready after 5 weeks. I’m growing an indica plant that’s supposed to be done in 8 weeks of flowering. 9 weeks yesterday, and at least two weeks to go. Tons of amber on the leaves, but only cloudy on the buds, and pistils still white.


Would not bother checking trichomes until pistils indicate plant is close to harvest. You’ll get more trichomes as the plants mature, and these clearly have some time left.


I was going to say what @dbrn32 said - and I also want to congratulate you - you are having success this time!

Give them enough time to really mature - five weeks in flowering is no where near enough.


Still have some time growmie! Wait til those pistils are almost all red and turned inwards to the flower, then check trichomes. Still a few of those white porcupine hairs.


Well I could be further. According to the ilgm journal I’m at 7, but I was in the hospital this week and sick the two weeks before that so my timing is all screwed up lol. I really have to work on my photography skills too! Especially considering I’m a photographer lol… Hey I’m used to shooting bands on stages, jumping and singing playing guitars and drums and stuff…I can’t hold my hand still anymore… Not for macro photography with a cellphone!
I don’t even think my 30d or my 5d can be held with one hand anymore, at least not mine lol. I’m ready for the live shows again…

Anyway, so it IS ok for me to go back to veg lighting and time to let them bulk up or just stay in flowering and hope for the best?

What’s the better way to go here…re-veg… To hopefully get some bigger buds and hopefully not overdo anything, or just keep following for another few weeks at least… And see where that takes me?

What would you folks do?

Probably not the best plan, unless you value learning and sacrificing your plants for the cause and pursuit of experience. Darwin was my guy. I think I tried a version of this and exploded Hermis galore.
Seeds have value, I tell myself. ILGM seedlings were stronger and FEMALE. I flipped to 12/12 for ten days and saw no garden growth, so, I went back to 18, for a week and had the Hermi explosion and garden invasion. Orgy abounding in my neighborhood. Sucks, mining for seed, not weed. Can you Increase your lighting INTENSITY?

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Sorry I think that was stuck out there cyberspace for a while. I feel like I’ve been stuck there for a while myself.
I’m just gonna keep skipping along. I don’t have the energy to do much more than monitor and water right now anyway. What’s my room humidity need to be running right now?
Guys I feel like a Peterbilt hit me. Sick for 3 weeks. Who needs COVID…w-ever-tf that’s was still hasn’t let go of my guts and energy level. And half the meds they had me on were causing the problems! I took myself off of those. Of course now I can barely walk for the arthritis and recent back and neck injury.
They got me waiting on results from some test they took and I don’t even know what they took or what they are testing it for LMAO. I swear the medical Mafia makes me insane.
Soap box kicked over…I must find sleep…I must find pain relief…I must learn to go the weed :v::black_heart::metal:

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Just leave them on 12/12, they’ll bulk up on their own.