But size harvest

How do i know when to harvest? Is there a risk leaving too long?


Eight to 10 weeks from the start of flowering. The risk of waiting too long is the degradation of THC into CBN as the trichomes turn amber. The process takes a couple of weeks though.
CBN gives a sleepy, couch-lock buzz that some prefer to avoid. Harvest too early and you’ll have a racy high.

Get a USB microscope and begin looking at trichomes on flower once the white pistils have all browned and receded back into the buds then harvest when the trichomes are to your taste.


Just by looking at the cola, it’s not ready. Checking the trichomes is the best way though tobe sure.

Just a guess, but you have around a month to go.


Agree with more time. Looks like it’s just starting. Here’s a couple bud pics for my outdoor plant that has been flowering for a couple weeks now. It has around 8 weeks to go.


Wow, she’s gonna be a beauty.

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I hope so. Thanks.

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I can’t wait until mine start looking like that. I just flipped them into flower 1 week ago today and just culled out 2 males. I still have 4 females left.