But I don't want to harvest in the dark at 5am

The common method to harvesting plants is to chop them down before sunrise/at least 6 hours after sunset.
I’ve got 2 plants in a scrog and only plan on harvesting one this week and one next week. I also don’t feel too motivated at 5am.
Rather that playing with flashlights and trying to untangle colas in the dark I’m considering just cutting the plant off at ground level at around 4am (before I go to bed) and then fully harvesting the following afternoon.
There’s no more route for uptake from the roots, so I’m assuming it’d be the same thing. Right? My ppms are at 118 so there’s nothing left in the soil.
Thoughts? Opinions?

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Yes, you can do that. In fact, that’s what I do, cause who wants to cut colas in the dark?


You don’t want to leave them out in the sun once you chop the stalk, I do mine around 6:00am well before sunrise, deal with morning stuff, then wash, rinse and trim, hang dry and move into drying room.

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If only we had sun. Nothing but rain and mist. I cut off a bunch of bud rot again today. It’s driving me crazy. I may actually cut them in another day and stop the torture.


Saddened to hear about your unfortunate weather, tomorrow a New Moon, a good harvest day…

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@Drinkslinger I cut mine early to put my mind at ease. Sucks to wake up to new rot a few days in a row…

Good luck, hope it gets better.

I’m at 8 weeks tomorrow. Not much amber, but I’ve got 2 days off coming up, and after removing most of 4 large colas I’m calling it “ready”.

Sorry bud, the weather sucks! I feel your pain! I will only battle with those issues a few days before I decide to chop! Had to do it with 2 of mine already. If it’s an uphill battle, I say chop! Check your extended forecast to make sure you don’t have relief coming first. That’s how I judge if I’m gonna chop.

We’ve got 2 days of possible sun coming up, but the weather after that looks like more 80-100% humidity.
I’ve been battling the boytritis for almost 3 weeks. Probably lost 30% so far, and I’m sure I’ll find some as I’m trimming. But today was the last straw. I know if I wait longer it’s going to get really bad.

Ha. I just went out take a pic and found more. Even some larfy banner buds are going bad

Same battle here, been trimming rot out evetyday for about aweek now. Did not find much on mine yesterday, it was in the 40s all day maybe the cold slowed it down. Supposed to be warmer and some sun today at least, mine are sticking it out a bit longer, they could use another week or two.

suggest harvesting what is salvagable…NOW !!!

mold rot has a way of hiding and being an unpleasant surprise.

The skywalker og is getting the chop right before I go to bed. 3am is her last breath. :disappointed_relieved::grin::clap:

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The deed has been done.

It worked out really well. The plant wasn’t even wilting 8 hours later when I got up.

And surprise suprise the sun came out just as I was finishing washing and hanging. I had to move it indoors out of the sun


When you cut off the whole plant, you just did a harvest. The nest day is
just cutting up plant.

I would not worry about it. Better to let the sugars convert before
chopping up the plant.

We harvest in the dark for 2 reasons IMO.

  1. The plants have not taken nutrients, and light deteriorates thc in

Have a great day! :slight_smile: