But after that the seedling started dying

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Receipt of my seeds were perfect!! I decided to plant 2 of the 5 seeds I ordered. I used a seed starter kit. Of the 2 seeds only 1 sprouted. The seed that grew looked great and grew to 2 inches. But after that he seedling started dying. I didn’t prep the 2 seeds and only used a seed starter as a method of growing the seed. I’ll prep seeds next time as suggested by soaking the seeds overnight in water before planting. Any other suggestions are great appreciated.

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If you have a picture of the seedling that died u could post that would be a big help.
1 problem new growers get in to is over watering seedlings. Its very easy to do. I’m not saying don’t water, but just keep the soil moist. and mist the seedling a few times a day.
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