Bushy white widows

Hi all…third grow with a couple of wwa from ILGM. The plants look good at about day 95 from sprout. I put them in week 4 of flower.

im wondering if i should thin them out a little. Also in a 3 x 3 tent i have a grow star 1200w about 25o actual LED. I want to add another light. I have a 1000w about 110 actual in hopes of adding some bulk to the buds. Can i do this without freekin em out? Any thoughts?


Looking good. If you really want bulky plants, the HLG lights will get your there and then some.

I use a 4x4 and the light guru is @dbrn32. I’m not a light expert so I can’t really help other than point you to the Light Guru.

I can’t give you a like or I would.

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Yeah you should be perfectly fine throw it on in there


Should be good, just monitor your canopy temps. May require a little tweaking to get dialed in with additional light.

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Leafs look awfully green. Almost like nitrogen toxicity