Bushy white widow autoflower

I’ve got this extremely short bushy white widow autoflower, 26 days from seed. My question is should I or would you trim some fan leads off the bottom or would that be detremintal to the plant? I’m doing some LST but the problem is the height is not sufficient enough for much.

By the way I raised the light last night in hope it will give it a little stretch. Been running it at 24" per California lightworks instructions for veg.

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Right now those leaves are being used to convert light to energy for the plant.
And being an auto you are on the clock so to speak. :wink:
@semo63936. They will stretch quite a bit ( 2-3 ) times their size during the early part of flowering.
I’d continue with a bit of lst and let them get a bit bigger first . :+1:
After the stretch a clean up under the canopy will help with air flow. :wink::v:


@Oldguy thanks brother.

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Leave them be…:+1:

No problemo my friend. :grin::v:

@Oldguy @MrPeat

Another question, when should I switch my nutes from grow AB to bloom AB. I’m using sensi coco from advanced nutrients.

The nutrients are set up for the stages of plant life. Don’t switch until the plant starts to flower.


I’m not familiar with that nute line but usually continue the grow till after the first few weeks of flower.
It will help prevent deficiencies later on.


I’m with @Oldguy. I only use Fox Farms and have outstanding results so no reason to switch.


See if raising the light gets her to stretch a little more :v::bear: