Bush Doctor Cal-Mag harmful to no-till grow?

Would this OMRI certified cal-mag be dangerous to the life in no-till soil (worms etc.)? Anyone doing no-till have any experience with this?

…I fully understand that it shouldn’t be necessary to use this product in no-till if everything is done correctly. But could this be used in an emergency without harming soil life?

Yes you should be okay.

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I believe covertgrower has you covered. I was going to suggest calling Fox Farms to see if they say its safe. I am betting it is if covertgrower said so. Most people who grow the “no till” method only use natural organic amendments and fertilizers. Having said that, you grow your cannabis the way YOU want to grow it. Dont feel like you have to use something because everyone else uses it. If I were you I would keep covertgrower on your “mentor list.” He knows his stuff! Good luck on your grow, and tag me anytime. I have a journal going now. Its in the organic soil section, titled “growing again, or at least trying to.”
Welcome to the site again!! Peace…

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