Burping Your Curing Jars?

What’s the science behind burping your curing jars? With and without Boveda packs? If it’s humidification, then wouldn’t room humidity be a factor. If so, why burp with Boveda packs? It’s fun, but I don’t get it. Thanks for your comments!

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I believe the burping is more about releasing built up gases in the jar as the chlorophyll and other compounds break down in the jar they release gases that you don’t want absorbing back into your bud, plus it helps regulate humidity.
I don’t use Rh packs while curing haven’t ever needed to if humidity builds up over 65 I burp until it drops down to 62 and then repeat until its finally stabilized then for long term storage i would use Rh packs

I guess curing can be considered “controlled decomposition” because that is actually what your buds are doing


Now, bad gas release makes sense. Thanks for the insight.


All spot on. I burp twice daily for the first week and then once daily for an additional 2ish weeks. I use Boveda packs, but don’t put them in until the cure is completed. I’ll let the jars sit open for 15 to 30 minutes each day. They usually start smelling good after the 1st week of the cure.