Burping, humidity & storage

I’ve been burping my jars for 30 minutes, twice a day for 3 weeks. Humidity is a steady 60%. Should I continue to burp them twice a day or can I do once a day and for how much longer until I can seal the jars for storage.


Hi Bobbi! I had the same questions as you :slight_smile: this article will tell you everything you need to know about curing:

P.S. keep curing you will not regret it :slight_smile: <55% for 1-2 weeks and voila! Enjoy your harvest :slight_smile:


@Bobbi in my opinion at %60 you should be fine just burping them once a day. I keep mine around %62 and I currently am burping them once a week for a few minutes.
I would burp once a day for 5 minutes and monitor them and if the humidity stays In check only doing once a day then move to once every 2 days and so on until you are up to once a week.


3 weeks curing sounds like time smoke I my opinion.

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Herb Curing Instruction:
When a herb plant is matured to the standards for harvesting, cut it down at the base of stem.

Use a clothes hanger to hang the plant upside down from the lowest branch.Trim plant. Do not cut any leafs in half at this point only cut the foliage at its stem base. Cutting a leaf while the herb is still wet will release excessive chlorophyll making the herb smell like grass clipping.

Let it hang and dry in a dry dark ventilated area for 3-7 days.

When the herb feels dry, check to ensure the base stem snaps but not breaking into two pieces when bent.

Dried herb must be completely trimmed before it is placed in the jar for curing. At this point, when it is dry it’s alright to cut leafs in half. But it is preferred to still cut the leafs at there stem base.

Put trimmed herb into glass curing jar and place a hygrometer in the Mypharmjar. This way humidity levels can be tracked in the jar.

Keep capped for 24 hours or until humidity reading is above 65%. If the reading is above 65% rH leave the jar uncapped for a hour or more and recap, repeat. > above 70% rH is bad and mold can start to form. < below 45% rH is too dry, the herb will be very brittle, important aromas and flavors will be lost until moister levels are restored.

They are the only jars on the market with embedded temp/humidity sensors, including an available tcp/ip based sensor for wireless checking of your cure. The point of curing is to release moist and gasses slowly from the herbs intensifying aroma and flavor. While curing herb the jar needs to be opened once a day, just for a moment, to release moisture and unwanted gases to vent. This is called burping. The curing process can take 2 weeks to 3 months. Once the herb drops below 55% rH for a week the curing process is done and can not be restarted. When the herb is done curing moisture can be added to the jar by breathing hot moist air into the jar and capping it, I do not recommend the use of adding orange peels or moist leaves is not advised. 55-57%rH is the preferred storage range for optimal flavor and aroma. If you need to add humidity to your jar, the best method is to utilize either 55% or 62% Bovida packs.