Burnt Tips on Upper leaves - Grandaddy Purp Auto

Please help my tips are burnt too im not sure why tho is it under or over watering or too much nutrient id take a clearer photo but they are in the dark at the moment

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Sorry such late replay but those look awsome!
Well done my freind, im hoping they still look look good and you didn’t do anything drastic.
This is a little nutrient burn but its something advanced grows like to see.
It’s a sign they are being pushed to the max and thats a good thing.
If it progress or other things start happening then may be cause fir concerns. But some painted fingertips looks good on a beautiful lady imho :grin:

I found this as I also have painted finger tips. This is the second grow. First one I used FF (not the OC) with Gaia Power Bloom, All Purpose and worm castings mixed in with the soil before planting. I did not use any nutes during the grow other than the initial mixture, but used 6.2 ph’d water. The grow turned out pretty good.
This second grow I added the Power Bloom, All Purpose and worm castings mixed in the soil before planting. At the 4th week above ground, I added some nutes. The plant took off! But now I have the painter finger tips. If it is the plant pushing for all its worth, I’m really good with that.
I added nutes, Cal-Mag 1.0ml, Micro Grow 1.25ml, FF Grow Big .5ml, Gaia Power Bloom .5ml all to 1 gallon of water. The mixture had a ph of 5.7. Because the plant is small, I don’t want to over water. It is in a 5 gal fabric pot. Two weeks ago I used plain water to check the PPM. It came in 1360. I used nutes again on Sunday so I will wait a few days to do a runoff with 5.7 water to get the readings.
First grow no nutes, second grow using nutes.
I don’t mean to hijack the OP, but this posting is EXACTLY what I was looking for!! Thanks.

I am on my fourth indoor grow. This is my third grow using auto flowers. Eventually I end up with burnt tips later during my grow. The attached photo is week 11 and you can see I have burnt tips, but overall the plant looks just fine.
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