Burnt tips/nutrient problem

I am currently growing four plants - week 11 auto flower. Two of the plants look fabulous while the other two have burnt tips and discoloration of the leaves. They are all flowering nicely. However the plants with problems do not feel as sticky as the two healthy ones. I am curious what impact this will have on the quality of the buds produced. Thoughts?

PS - This is only my third grow so I am still learning as I go. It’s just hard to understand how all four are getting the exact same lighting nutrients and feeding her to have issues and two don’t. Blows my mind sometimes.

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They will want some pictures


And other basic info such as nutrients?, soil?, ph, ppm, light, and yup pics lol


I’ll be going through and Flushing in a few weeks harvesting probably in three weeks. All depends on the trade console ever. So I’m not really trying to figure out what happened because it’s too late for that. I’m more concerned about how it’s going to impact the overall quality of the grow.

:point_up_2: this hobby or a way of life for some us would consider this another lessons learned and write it down in our journal for later reference. Need pics of the buds in question :love_you_gesture:

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You are right. Let me take the time and do it right. Will respond later. Thanks

Indoor grow, using soil, General hydroponics flora advanced nutrient three-step process. Testing with Apera, Adjusting PH as needed using pH up/down as needed. Also using liquid fish shit and mammoth pH for additional nutrients.

It got away from me maybe two weeks ago I believe I may have been overwatering in general. Which in turn would mean I was supplying also too many nutrients. Once again it’s just weird how two are just beautiful and two look struggling

I had a plant like that as well man where i overwatered plus was compounded with warmer temps in mid flower and tbh the flowers were a little less plump then her sisters but she was frosty and tasty af no noticalbe loss in potency. So might be a liltte yield loss but mine were more stressed then yours so you may get away with minimal loss. Best of luck growmie, less than a month till harvest day!

Thanks for the info. I guess that’s why you separate during harvest and mark your jars when curing.