Burnt my girl up :(

I guess to much nitrogen? I have since flushed it with about 5 gallons of distilled water. I haven’t took any number reading since the flush but read that ffof returns to a certain ph after flushing? Im a bit concerned also that the sugar leaves higher up seem worst. my 200w light is set 18 inches above the canopy. does it look like possible light or heat stress? pretty much all the fan leaves died and ive pruned them away. tent stays about 76F to 82F. RH 50-60 range. Can an auto recover from this much damage?

I had just one plant look like that this year, the one in the middle of a big field almost unlimited sun and wind exposure. I hope your meters and guages are correct.
Ntox when severe or prolonged I think shows dark brown spots dying on leaves. Starts as very dark green then clawing then rolling edges then brown spots. Got a pic from recently before it got so bad? Maybe a clue how it started then progressed.

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Happy birthday!

Do you know your runoff pH and PPM?

Correct. A good flush of the FF soils will return pH to ~6.5.

I would try to get it down a bit to avoid the risk of mold. ~40% is a good target when in flowering.


This was a few days after I feed. I started noticing burnt tips but didnt realize it would progress so far. I guess I should have flushed it earlier.

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early N tox related to pH high

Thank you. I will turn my humidifier down.

I think (obviously haha) no but I think it’s just nute burn coupled with late-life discoloring and yeah the humidity… I run in the 40s during flower and seen it dip into high 30s occasionally with no ill effects


With @MidwestGuy on the run off numbers. Run off PH and PPMs will tell you what the root zone numbers are and if it’s deficient in nutrients or locked out due to the PH being out of range or a salt accumulation Consistently watering and feeding to liberal run off will help prevent issue in the root zone :love_you_gesture:


Thanls everyone. Im gonna test it when I get home, probably should have before I flushed. Being inexperienced I probably need to go more with the science and less with the guess work. I have started watering to runoff and im hoping i do better with Jacks

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