Burnt looking stigmas/buds sites - Please help identify!?

Hello, I’m new to the forum thanks for having me. I’m growing outdoors and need help identifying what is causing a small percent of my buds/stigmas on some of my plants to turn dark brown/black and look like they’ve been burned almost. The texture is dried and crunchy where this is occured. Doing a web search for brown/black buds is pulling up bud rot for the search results but I’m not sure if that’s the culprit where I’m not seeing any mold and its completely dried. No signs of insects around the areas or stems leading to it. All other bud sites on the plants are looking great minus the couple that have this issue going on. I have been spraying neem oil weekly, and just recently sprayed two rounds of potassium bicarbonate spaced 4 days apart to kill powdery mildew that were very lightly on a small portion of leaves. I used the recommended dosage of 1 tablespoon per gallon spraying. Any help identifying the issue would be greatly appreciated! I’m attaching photos of some of the different bud sights that are having the issue.


Looks like bud rot to me

And welcome to the forum …
Just read dry and crispy so I’m unsure but it looks identical to bud rot

Try looking inside …the buds
Some caterpillars eat from the inside out
You won’t even know until …well what that looks like …
If it is either way bud rot /mold all it does is spread so I’d get rid of it .
If it’s not bud rot…idk what it is lol

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Wasn’t this in another thread? The first pic is definite rot and I’m inclined to say the otgers are, as well. Baking soda shouldn’t be sprayed on a plant, especially in flower as it leaves a residue and can continuously damage your plant over time. A 50/50 mix of peroxide and water will help prevent the spread. I recommened spraying, with the peroxide solution and removing all rot to fresh, green growth.


Like the others have said looks like bud rot, also you shouldn’t spray neem oil while your plants are in flower it will leave a nasty taste in your end product.

Thanks for the replys and help. I definitely was leaning to bud rot, except I just am not seeing any mold. I’ll definitely remove it though like suggested to be sure it doesn’t spread. It seriously has the appearance and texture of having been burned to a crisp and not like normal moist moldy pink/brown bud rot I’ve seen before. Im not seeing any caterpillars internally but where it’s so dried I doubt there would be any there still if they were. Cant really see any signs they were either after peeling it back.

Thanks for the tip on the Neem oil, I’ll lay off spraying that. Also It was potassium bicarbonate I was spraying for the mildew, not sodium bicarbonate which is baking soda. I’ve gotten the two confused before too. Potassium bicarbonate is very alkaline and was suggested to be highly effective at killing powdery mildew (it was) but I’m sure it’s probably not best to spray during flowering either like you suggested. Either way I’m finished spraying with the mildew gone. Thanks for all the input