Burnt leaves need help

Can’t adjust my light any higher and I didn’t train my plants. Now they are growing too close to the light and getting burnt. Have a 2000 watt Viparspectra led set to half veg and half bloom. The temp is at 70-75 degrees and humidity at 30 precent. The tent it is in is a 4x8x6’6". They are auto flowers. Any suggestions?

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Pictures would help, but in general it is a good idea to learn about topping, FIMing, and supercropping (assuming the plants are still in veg.)


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I will said scropping you plants of topping the main colas

Other options is hang you light outside of you tent

Pic of the plants can help us

Like @MidwestGuy said he had you cover

Happy growing :green_heart::metal:

A picture would help and welcome

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So your plants are over 5 ft tall.