Burning your seedlings out

(These are white widow Autoflowers)
I keep reading that Autoflowers don’t need to be transplanted. That you can simply germinate them and then plant them into their final planter. On the other hand; I bought foxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil Organic Mix Indoor Outdoor and I keep reading that it’s to potent for seedlings. That it causes some sort of seedling burn or something.
Please advise.
Thanks :v:t2: Yvette

Just to be honest,. I have fem. PH an 36 hours of soaking in bottled water they went in a 17 gallon tote with Fox farm ocean forest black cow manure, peat moss, an azomite rock dust an she is 5 weeks an going strong no issue at all oh and out door grow I can give u my experience with it

You can plant them in their final container if you want. I suggest 5 gallon for autoflowers. Personally, I start the germinated seed in 1 gallon plastic pots, then transplant to final home beginning of third week. I’ve had autoflowers start flowering in the third week so I try to get them transplanted before then.

I use ocean Forest successfully, but the last time or two I filled most of the container with ocean forest, mixed about 1 inch FFOF 50/50 with seed starter, then used just seed starter for the final 3/4 inch. The seed starter will lessen the supposedly hotness of the Ocean forest until the seedling gets established and seems to be easier for the seedling to push through and knock off its helmet. I only put the germinated seed 1/4-1/2 inch deep. Put a humidity dome over the seedling removing it for longer periods of time over a week or so until it gets established. Don’t use a fan until it until the growth stage.