Burning tops.. in flower week 13-14

Ppfd 200
Dli is like 12.9
Light is 26 inches away

Plants burning to hell… leaves yellow brown crisping clawing literally turning over showing their backs… getting worse and my light is turned all the way down…

Wtf is wrong, I want to crank my light up but i can’t, someone please help.

Is it a co2 issue?

Pics please

I don’t believe it is either lighting or CO2. Sounds like nutrient problems. Can you post some pics of the whole plant?


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Let me take a stab at this , see what the indoor growers say.
Looks as something is to dry/ hot. Is there a fan blowing on them? Spots looks like Cal/Mag def. Are they getting enough water? Bottom leaves would suggest to much N. I would take out damaged leaves and all the lower ones. You should be close to harvest coax them along. Hope this helps I am an outside grower, but most issues are the same either way.

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Looks like some heat and cal/ mag issues possibly some pH issues

Good guesses fellas but thats, pretty extensive damage and spread for Calcium Deficiency. Judging by the flowering stage, the size/spread of the dots, and how she looks to be ‘burning’ a bit? Id wager a P (Phosphorus) Deficiency.

@Newbgrower how have u been supplementing nutrients? And have u checked any runoff? Also approx bow far into flower are u?

Edit: thats not to mean it isnt a cal def, it maybe both. Just the extent looks like something else is afoot


update: I think its fox farm simply sucking or maybe my non green thumb… does anyone else use this crap in DWC? I did another full flush out and changed my nutrients from fox farm trio/hydroguard/calimagic to mantis with a little calimagic/hydroguard prob will go with jacks321 for next grow. The plants still look like shit at the tops but I can see they are recovering a little… I dunno how to explain it they look a little greener and smell like weed now… Guess ill just see how mantis does.

def not a ph issue or heat issue as its exactly 70 degrees at the flowers and ph was checked daily always kept within 5.8-6 range.

Really do appreciate all of you for helping out.


Then Id had bumped up the amounts before full on flush/refilling.

How are much are you supplementing? Following the chart to a T or diluting for safety? Honestly bumping the bloom feed may have helped.

As u may or may not know, damaged leaves wont recover, and in flower, she wont grow new ones. But the spread will stop and she will start back swelling/stinking/pumping trichs.

Best of luck regardless

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I was following the charts but would give a fraction less than they called for… i.e if they said 4tsp/gal id do like 3.5… i just thin the company as a whole is toxic they want you to use tons and tons of nutrients that come out with a ppm of 1800+ that’s what I thin Fd everything up… They were just so overloaded they went into shutdown and nute lockout and started dying.

hopefully the buds will swell and I can harvest something

ps. my K button sucks

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I was going to mention Phosphorus due to the reddish color spots.

@oldmarine or any other light masters…. hypothetically say my plants are back somewhat close to homeostasis (as far as plants go) by what dli or ppfd would you increase and over what period of time?

For example
Currently my dli is currently 12.96
Should I increase it to 15 for 2 days and then 17 for 2 days etc etc etc
Should increase to 20 for a day, then 30 for a day then 40 etc?

I’m late stage flower and I know I should be somewhat close to a dli of 40 just don’t know how slowly and by what increments I can safely increase.

Thanks again to all of you for all your help!

I don’t know about that. I have 3 Mars Hydros that I bought as I could afford them. I know with lighting, I will never afford the best. I’m looking at HLG for my next upgrade. I’ll probably get one of their kits to save some money.

I start flowering at 100% of my MH TSW2000. Like I said, my lighting could only be considered adequate.

If it means anything coming from me I am very impressed with the hlg 320xl rspec just want to maximize its potential.

Give ur plant some potassium and phosphorus and if u want to make a co2 get black or brown bottle put some luke warm water in it now cut up two tomatoes in to small bits and put into the bottle now add a cup of white sugar and shake put a few holes in the lid now hang it up its good for four to five months shake it every day

Typically at your stage of flowering the light is 12-18” with a DLI around 50. I have the HLG 300 and visibly checking my intensity looked good, put a meter over my canopy and was way high. I’m running at 18” and dialed down to 50-55 DLI. I see your numbers, how are you testing the PPFD and DLI?

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@OGIncognito is on the case. Im no light scientist myself but any questions i have, immediately @dbrn32 is tag bombed haha.


Just start increasing your intensity a little every couple of days. You’re gonna be wherever you’re at pretty much. Your leaves are all messed up already and they’re probably not going to take a large increase in light intensity abruptly.

Imo we are getting a little carried away with how dli is thrown around. Plot your space to find ppfd average of it and then enter that into calculator.


Comes out fine for me, and not hap hazardly throwing numbers around

I use the app Photone with a diffuser have my dli @ 25 now… will slowly go up

On a positive note after changing to a different nutrient company they are doing much much better.