Burned Pistils?

I’d say a week or so.

Not the day after I sprayed… but within a week.

And the same plant had a lot of the tips of the leaves nute burned too. I forgot to say that.

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Thanks for all the info! Crop Control is an “organic” powdery mildew killer. Basically soap, water, and essential oils. I got it on Amazon. I was desperate to save the plants. I literally have fans on them to dry the dew daily…

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How do I do that? Like how can I tell if there’s seeds? Is there anything special I need to do?

Yes i was just flushing b/c I don’t know when flowering started. And b/c the tips of the leaves had nute burn too I assumed better safe than sorry.

I added better pictures below so you could see why I think it’s nute burn. And it only really affects this one plant.

I am surprised how small the flowers are considering I used fertilizers the entire grow for 3 months.

It’s just so hard reading different things that all seem to contradict themselves. That’s I why I thought asking you guys would be the best bet.

Like if you were in my position… what would you do to try and get the best harvest from these three plants?

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I never heard that name in a while.
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Is it just me, or are the trichs on that girl flipping huge!!!
Shes frosty… Im sure it’ll recouperate soon… probably Dial back the intensity of your spray. Live and learn like the rest of us

@Moxyman someone here uses crop control! I forget who. He uses 100 gal short bags. Someone else may know who I’m talking about but I can’t remember their name.

Like I’ve mentioned, I’m not the best at outside plants as they can be a totally different beast.

I do wonder about this bud and whether or not there is any concern??


I think @BobbyDigital @Spudgunner @Oldguy may be able to assist.

Good luck and keep’em growin!! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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The buds are small because they haven’t been flowering for long. When did you first notice the little “hedgehogs” on your plants, when the flowers look like little buttons? From then, add 8 or 9 weeks and they should be done. So if you only noticed those 4 weeks ago, you should still have 4 or 5 weeks left to grow.

I have 2 plants outside, and are about the same bud size, but my pistils are still all white and unpollinated! But I will have a hard job finishing them due to the weather come October. Vancouver rains. They now call them “atmospheric rivers”! I don’t know what your climate is like this time of year, but you’re doing the best you can with fans on then at night - I had to have a heater on my patio a few years ago when I could only grow outdoors. This year, I may have to bring them under the hot tub gazebo to try and keep them dry.

Good luck keeping them dry, hopefully you don’t lose them to bud rot.


Yea I’m in NY. So I only have a little time left too. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to go another 3 weeks max.

I think they started first week of august… so they should be on week 7


Bud rot will sometimes cause your leaves to turn colors and sometimes the inner parts to turn odd colors.

But, cooler weather will do the same. To me your buds look great. If it has been cool at anytime, your plant will slow down growing until it warms up.

I never have seen pistols turn and shrivel up quite like that, but then again, can’t say I’ve ever paid that close of attention. Chemicals may also have caused the pistols to do some harm.
Spraying anything on your buds during flower is always frowned upon. Doesn’t look like enough to cut it down though.

I’m personally not seeing much nute burn at all. I think you ought to ride it out. Just my opinion. Good luck and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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Here are some close up. What do you guys think about the terps? Close to done? Should I start flushing?

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Can’t see any amber Trichomes, mostly clear, some cloudy. You can still see thru them, even tho the light makes them look whitish. Another week, 10 days is my guess.

Got a whole plant pic too?

nope dont cut. oh man I got that feeling too, just a week or two… could cut them now… no they wont be dry enough to smoke anyway… try it, you got extra… hmmm. no I already cut one… it’s drying. A person impatient like me needs several plants in different stages. I’m popping some more out to distract me from the flowers