Burned and discolored leaves - what am i missing

Hi folks,
I am hoping that someone can help identify what is going on with my new crop. these girls are both 60 days old, 9 inch tall and 14 inch tall respectively. From looking at pics from this forum it appears that the first girl may be suffering from either (or a combination of) Potassium, Manganese, or Sulfur deficiency. My only change from previous grows is that for this grow i switched to Happy Frog from miracle grow. additional information and pics below.

First plant (named Teresa cause she is gonna be a mother)

The second girl (currently unnamed)although taken from the same pack of seeds and grown under identical conditions is displaying a different issue. it appears that she may be too close to the light and is simply stressed and a little burned. Her info and pics below.

She has all of the same info as Teresa, but the runnoff
Runoff: 5.25 pH / 4,130 EC / 2,060 ppm @ 70.5 F

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Seeing lots of light burn, a lockout, and nute burn! I would think any ph under 6 is too low for a soil grow, also a lot could be your plants need more room for roots to stretch little pots fill with roots very fast


Repotting them will put your plants back on track. I use 5-7 gallon pots with photoperiod plants.


When leaves curl up it’s usually light burn ,wind burn or magnesium,with the low ph in and out I would say magnesium deficient,ph in should be 6.5 in soil,also those pots Are. 4” ? For a minimum those photos should be in a 5 gallon pot.also 2000 ppm is to high a better range would Be around 800–1200 I grow in ffof I don’t feed nutrients until runoff falls. To 800 or below sometimes 6-8 weeks before my plants need nutrients so happy frog is less hot but the same rule about ppm apply if they were my plants I would Ttransplant to 5 gallon pots water with a half dose of cal mag major change takes up to. 2 weeeks in soil good luck and happy :smoking::slightly_smiling_face:


I would start by going up to bigger pots 5 or 7 gallon fabric pots and following up with watering to run off and check PPM and pH. An Make adjustments accordingly Just my thoughts good luck.

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Thank you all for the great input. i love having this forum to reach out and learn more.
for the pot size, these girls have grown quite a bit in the last week or so, and i had intended to report this week. i only held off because i haven’t seen roots at the bottom holes of the pot yet and since they already seemed stressed i was hoping to get them stable (duh, smaller pot isn’t helping… ok, another light bulb went on).

i had to do a mini flush to get some runoff for the help post, but i will give them a good rinse as part of the repotting. since they will be in bigger pots, i will reset them to give a little more distance for the lights.

Last, i will keep up the CalMag in the daily watering but hold off on the twice a week feedings until they look like they need it.

Hopefully that will get them back on track

THANKS again for the feedback!! i MUCH prefer posting trichrome pics then “omg, what is wrong with my girls” pics. Really great info. printing it out and keeping a copy by my “mix station”

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Yep i would trans plant. Way to moist soil and thise ppms and ph are really high and low. Alot of salt build up for sure. And i always feel the need to say this but if u do transplant u should buy a small bag of perlite and add to the soil so it drains even better

Whoops didnt realise this was older. Sorry lol

thats ok, i appreciate the input. they are bouncing back but slower than i would like. all the new grow looks a LOT better.

Thats good. You have any update pics? In the future you should try that especially with moisture control soil to get perlite and always mix it like another 20 25% perlite into your soil it’s worth a try cuz it helps a lot

why yes, i do happen to have a few pics of my girls right here in my wallet.
so, first my confession. YES, i screwed up yet AGAIN (one of these grows i will get my act together, geez, you would think i am sampling too much of the product).
i got the feedback that 1) i needed to repot, and 2) i needed to flush.
Granted, these are both relatively easy tasks using small words which i am good at. Also, things that i do on a regular basis. but i now work from home so a am on calls while working in my grow room and obviously distracted. (i know, lots of excuses).

i made the error of repotting FIRST and then Flushing instead of the way i normally would do it. both of the girls had GREAT root growth and were visibly needing more space. Typically i do mix my soil with vermiculite, but not at the ratios you are suggesting (mental note, order more vermiculite). But on this particular day, i was on a call and in a rush (omg, my girls need to be transplanted NOW) so i forgot the vermiculite.

Once i repotted, i realized, duh, forgot to flush. ugh, now i need a LOT more water to flush cause i am in a 3 gallon bag instead of a solo cup. so, i set em up and start the bucket brigade. it wasnt until a week later i realized the next issue. wow, when the girls are little and they are in a much bigger pot, it takes a LONG time for that pot to dry out. I transplanted on 12/31 and the bags are still heavy. The top soil is drying but they are still pretty wet down below. So, i have been holding off on watering them. If they now have a CalMag deficiency, its not getting any better since i am not adding anything and they are working off the stabilized tap water that I flushed with.

That said, the NEW growth is looking much better. i started some LST, a little on the late side, but they are coming along. First up is Mother Teresa. Again she is a Bruce Banner and now on day 75. She is a bushy little thing

Next up is Ghandi. She is also a Bruce Banner out of the same ILGM bag, but looks like some distant cousin. these two have never been more than a few inches apart. She is 77 days old. new growth looks good. old growth ugh… and this one is a bit SPARSE but gangly.

I really want to get them back on a feeding schedule.i may put the heated mat under the bags to try to help dry them a little faster.

As always, looking for any comments or suggestions and thank you all for the support!!

You are aware that Happy frog is great soil and loaded with nutes. As @sparky66 indicated, you don’t really need to feed for a good while . My last grow was in Happy frog and ocean forest, great soils but full of nutes. Your sweet spot in soil is around 6.5 and your Runoff PPM’s will be high initially because of the soil. I have never used Miracle grow with my girls, afraid i might get banned here, lol, but it works great on my tomatoes and peppers. I think @sparky66 has you covered.