Burn damage in greenhouse

The girls will live, but leaving the greenhouse closed the other day caused serious damage to 2 plants. They are all about 3 weeks into flowering.

One is closer to harvest. Can I still give them flower fertilizer to provide all they need?


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2 strains growing: gold leaf & Maui Wowie. In pots. Soil is composted garden soil & potting soil mix with some old potted dirt.
Watered from rain barrel with weekly soaking from the garden hose. Filled pots with rain water & allowed to get dry about an inch before watering from rain barrel. Started flower fertility 3 weeks ago - full dose.weekly half dose since.
Had fed on Tuesday. Wednesday left the door closed when lawn service spread organic crab grass preventer. Forgot to open. Found burned leaves & buds.

Watered from hose & sprayed all. Let them rest.
Thursday & Friday watered from rain barrel. Today I trimmed all the damaged buds & leaves & hosed the girls down. Finished with rain barrel water to flush chlorine. Will drain in AM.
When can I feed them again. They look hungry!
It was regularly 80 degrees daytime/60’s at night. Had a few colder days a week ago to the 40’s at night, so started closing the greenhouse at night.

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Go ahead and feed them; maybe a good dose of silica for a few weeks to help them bounce back. Remember when very hot to water frequently and fertilize less.

FYI the burned plant material will not recover: look to new growth for improvement. Hermaphroditism is possible so watch closely.

@blackthumbbetty any thoughts?


Unlikely more very hot days, but I will never forget to open the door again!
I will look for some silica & watch the buds.
The plant with more amber still has a week or two to feed I hope!
I will be checking with my magnifying glass! (And camera close-ups)


Mix first or separately from anything else.


I think you have bigger issues than burn damage. I think you have spider mites. Zoomed in on the leaves of the third picture of the orginal post and they have white dots, webs and some bugs.


Stable for now.

I did find 2 mites & a web. When I had those on house plants & killed with a q- tip with alcohol. Any other suggestions?

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This works for me and many others: 50/50 mix of 3% peroxide and distilled water. Spray the entire plant including top of soil and sides of pots. Really wet down the leaves and try to get up underneath the leaves which is where they reside. Any flower should get special attention. Let that all dry for 24 hours. Apply either Captain Jack’s Deadbug or Safer spray:

Allow that to work for 5 days then repeat the peroxide/deadbug. This will kill them and the plant will not be harmed. This is safe to use right up to the day of harvest. It’s organic too and people/pet safe.


You have a really bad bug infestation…
I would attack them every 3 days for 2 weeks straight… :wink::crossed_fingers:

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Is this hybridization?

Here’s the aftermath of all the clean-up.

Thanks spayed all the girls and their pots top to bottom.

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So yesterday was the 50:50 peroxide. I have the Spinosad A & B spray for after the sun goes by. Also the silica for when the pots are a little more dry.
I also purchased myself a soil pH tester. All four plants are about 6.5. Water barrel tests 6.8 in the watering can.

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You’ve got a ways to go so I wouldn’t remove any more leaves if I could help it. They are what produces the sugars needed to make flower.

Give the Spinosad 5 or 6 days then repeat with peroxide and so on. That ought to deal with it. I do it every week through mid veg all the way to the end.

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They look better today. Only removing dead leaves.
Found the source of mites, the eggplant in the next bed. Treating her too.

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Oh no look out for mites mr Bill!

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Lots of flower growth, but sad to see so many damaged leaves. Soil pH is 6.8-7 now. How can I bring that down. Too wet to water again for a couple of days.

Next Peroxide spray due Sunday.

Second peroxide spray yesterday. Despite the leaf damage, the buds are looking good! image|374x500