Bunny Jane's 2022ish Grows

I found some for grow tents but they are all by Jardin and their reviews are shit so I might just stick with the ones I can run to lowes and pic up without waiting lol
Yeah I think their pvc poles too I’m just wondering what kind of attachment pieces they use on the ends to put them on the poles on each end…
I think my total was around $900 for everything on my 2nd tent but that’s including dampers, outside mount exhaust vents etc to vent both outside through wall.

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Awesome! Thanks

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He makes killer 3D print water pipes too


I’ve seen a couple on IG that he makes :ok_hand:

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Handle on IG? Which You probably don’t know but that is fine.

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I believe it is very similar to the handle here, with the same logo.


Thanks Newt. I just finally set up an account. The horror! My children will be mortified!


Just as Newt said

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Yes as @newt said… much like mine very similar
I hate that stupid underscore being at the end of mine

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Yeah I hate underscores as much as the number 16


Especially when they are on the end just hanging there

Hint hint

Jane specifically


I looked for you Jane but found a different janeqp unless you speak primarily Portuguese

I did find a musician named Jane q public that looks interesting


I like pink flowers?

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Firetruck firetruck! I pulled all the branches I could off of Hackett. I potted 7 today and now the other three decided to survive!

Party tent will have no floor space left tomorrow! Spent too much time cleaning carpets today. Tomorrow my son and I are hanging out. Tuesday will be the day to set up the new tent and light.


@InviGrows Here is a tag for this upcoming year’s grows. Using Earthdust for my indoor grows and all my other amendments for my outdoor summer grow.

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Ain’t that the best? Mine is 13 but still likes me so we still have fun


He’s 21. It is nice to have that 1v1 time.

We are hitting an art show and probably grabbing dinner. Can’t believe he is graduating next month.


I know it’s so great to have a good relationship with the kids

So much better than what everyone says is coming

I say we be best friends forever (and life laughs in my face)


@LSGrow here is your tag to my current grow.

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11/19/2021 Update

I haven’t update recently but here is the latest news on the bunny front!

We had a water leak from the toilet tank inlet valve while on our 6-day vacation to “The Cabin in the Woods”. We came back to damaged hardwood floors. I had a plumber replace the leaking valve but when I tried to pull the toilet so the floor guys could remove the damaged wood, I noticed the tank kept filling. Called the plumber and he came over that night and replaced the toilet and sink values and even pulled the toilet for us. So nice to find a contractor that stands behind their work and does not just take the money and run.

Currently in the party tent under 309W of blurples

The Miracle Alien Cookies clone is looking very sad. Dark green leaves, drooping and clawing. My eyes say N toxicity-just hoping she will grow out of it.

Trainwreck’s new growth is looking good. Again, there may have been a past N toxicity issue. She’ll be transplanted a bit sideways but weathered the nutritional issues the best and is the highest sativa content hybrid.

Blueberry Chem is getting some new growth since I tied her down. I moved all four branches to one side so I can stick the pot in the corner and focus growth under the lights. Again, nutrients issues.

The Tangie OG has been tied down just like the Blueberry Chem. Also trying to force all the branches to one side. She is the one that lost a branch, and I am happy to say it looks like 5 of 9 of her clones are thriving. She also had an N toxicity problem and the poor clones that failed had super dark green leaves. The failing pots will not go to waste as I take clones of the clones I received. I did take a small branch of my Gary 2.0, a skywalker, that was still pumping out growth even now. I pulled off a stem from my aloe vera and stuck Gary 2.0’s clone in there. We’ll see if it that miracle growth medium works.

The four big teens mentioned above were neglect by the roommate (forgot to pH the water) while my supplier was gone for two months. It is interesting to see the growth colors from pH lockout to total release and overload.

Grown-up Tent (HGL 260 Kit)

With all the contractor work setting up the grown-up tent has been delayed. I have not had time to complete the wiring or assemble the tent.


I started seeing the obvious white dotting of leaves I noticed when I had spider mites before. I ran my finger over the leaves and was greeted with orange-brown goo from smushed mites. Luckily, I had my premixed bottle of Captain Jack’s Dead Bug at the ready and gave them a good dousing at lights off. How often do I need to reapply?

Also here is a picture of the discoloring of the dying leaves for fun. You can see the starvation and then the saturation.

I’ll upload pictures of the girls once everything gets back to ?normal?

Hoppy grows to you! :rabbit2: Jane