Bungles Fan First Grow Journal

Day 2 Since the Flip, Day 38 under lights, Day 45 since germination

Yesterday, I changed the light schedule from 18/6 to 12/12. I also lowered the RH from 60-65% to 50 - 55%.

Today, I flushed with water and molasses. The runoff PH was a little low at 5.7 and the TDS was 1150. Still have some leaves with some brown patches on them but I am fairly certain that this was a result of those leaves coming in direct contact with the last feeding. They are spotty and only where I poured the water. The only other condition might be calcium deficiency. If the condition does not improve, I will add CalMag. The plant is definitely stretching. Other than a few brown patchy leaves, the plant looks very healthy and loving the LST as it is filling out my 2X2 quite impressively. The plan over the next two weeks is to water every 3 days adding nutes according to the FF schedule.


Day 8 of flowering (Day 44 under lights, Day 51 since germination)

As you can see, we are trying to recover from nute burn. Not really sure how it happened as I have followed the script to the letter. I have been flushing for the past week with water. I think that she is going to survive but only time will tell. It is MUCH better than 3 days ago so I think that the water flush and CalMag is beginning to help. Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!

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Day 10 of flowering (Day 46 under lights, Day 53 since germination)

We did a little housekeeping today. Still just flushing with watering every other day and things seem to be improving. The growth is still strong as you can see from the photos.


plants getting big. I had some similar issues going on and it was most likely cal related. I am new, never grown anything but a few house plants till this so It’s a learning experience for me. Started giving the plants a full dose of cal 5ml per gallon with every watering as I am using Ro water and it’s gone away.
I still have one plant that never recovered from whatever it was. who knows. I cut all the crappy leaves away and we will see if it finally recovers now they are in flower. looking good.

I think you are on the right track with the cal. My plants started doing that prior to even getting nutrients in good Ocean forest soil. It was undoubtedly the cal or lack of.
I found not getting stuck on a set schedule to water was best for me at least for now. . I only water when my pots are light. I keep a pretty good log of watering and they bounce around depending on what i believe is the kind of growth they are going through. luckily I can still pickup my pots and feel the weight. But that day is about to end as they are taking off and will need some support.
They usually tell me when they need water when they start giving me the droopy leaf look. It will be interesting to gauge when they will need water when I cant take them out of the tent. Like i said int he previous post I am new so every day is learning something new for me.

@Jackie_Daytona Thanks for your input. It does appear to be a calcium deficiency as the more CalMag that I give her the better she looks. However, if I have learned one thing, I have learned to introduce change gradually. The plants seem to be very sensitive to change. Everything that I do now, I do slowly. I also believe that if something was significantly wrong, she would not be growing as fast as she is at the moment. She is growing so fast right now it’s crazy. I will post more pics.

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Day 14 of flowering (Day 50 under lights, Day 57 since germination)

Yesterday, I added some more soil to fill up the container and trimmed some bottom leaves. The brown leaves (whatever is causing it) appears to be improving. She got a good flush with a runoff PH of 5.75 and TDS of 1350 (higher due to the added FF soil). Pics from yesterday are below.


Day 16 of flowering (Day 52 under lights, Day 59 since germination)

My girl is very thirsty these days, required 1.5X the normal water. Still just flushing with water and CalMag every other day. As you can see, the brown leaves are still there but not nearly as many. Runoff PH was down a bit today at 5.5 and TDS at 1380. I am going to wait until the TDS dips below 300 before considering feeding any bloom. I am worried with the fresh hot FF soil that I will burn it up. The stalk is getting bigger and stronger. The blooms are beginning to develop into buds.

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Post for Friday Sept. 4 (Day 19 of flowering, Day 52 under lights, Day 62 since germination)

Water day, still having the nute burn issues. See pictures. Plan to flush again next watering probably Monday.

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Day 23 of Flowering (Day 56 under lights and Day 66 since germination)

Yesterday, she got a good flush. However, TDS is till > 600 so still pretty high. Plan on another flush this Thursday which should remove the bulk of the hot soil and bring down the EC. The good news is that she is still stretching. The stalks are all very strong and ready to support some huge buds (hopefully). Should start seeing some slowdown in the stretching soon and the energy begin to be focused on flowering.

Day 25 of Flowering

Flushed again today and the results were good (TDS around 150 and PH at 6.3). I finished defoliating and she is looking awesome. She is still stretching. The plan is to now begin the bloom nutes with the next watering (Saturday or Sunday).

I have been really busy and not been able to maintain this journal. I am going to post some pictures.

My first question is it seems like that she has been in pre-flowering mode for several weeks and I am not seeing much flower development. Am I being impatient or is she stalled for some reason.

My second question is my top leaves seem to be “praying” (reaching up to the light). I have also had some brown tips and yellowing on random leaves (not just at the top of the plant). After some research, this sounds like light burn.

I flushed today. Runoff PH was 6.8 and TDS was around 200.

Can someone with more experience help me out here or tag someone who would be able to provide some guidance?


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I finally figured out why she is not flowering. She is not an autoflower. I went back to my order form and found out that the seeds that I purchased are actually photos and not autos. I really meant to buy auto seeds. How embarrassing. I am really a nube. She is not flowering because I haven’t (until now) flipped the lights. I flipped the lights to (12/12) 4 days ago and now she is finally beginning to show some signs of flowering. Plus she is stretching like crazy. I will post more pictures later.

Also, this morning when the timer kicked the lights on, the cheap a$$ SUNRAISE LED light started sparking and smoking. I guess half of the LED’s burned up. The light was not yet 3 months old. The result is about only 50% of the light and 50% of the PAR. This sucks but everyone on the forum warned me about cheap LED’s. I didn’t listen. Now, I will spending a bit more money on a good light. Probably going with HLG or Mars Hydro.

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Day 5 since the flip - Installed the new light this morning thanks to fast shipping Amazon. I am now using the Mars Hydro TS1000W. I called Amazon at 2 pm and they credited back the cost of the defective light and shipped the new light and it arrived at 9 AM this morning. This was perfect time to wake her up and feed her.

What a difference this light is. First, no more blurple. Second, this light pops. Let’s just see how she responds to it. The reason that I went with this light was it is dimmable. I have a pretty short tent and I need to be able to adjust it. I have it on 100% right now but I think that I am going to dim it to about 80% just for a day to acclimate her into the new light. One thing that I have learned in this forum is slow transitions not to stress her out. Third, this light has no fan and runs much cooler than the POS that I had before. I am able to keep the tent temp at around 75 degrees F without much trouble.

Otherwise, she is looking really good. No more nute burn and her shape is perfect. Check out her picture.

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Day 10 since the flip

Feeding day. Gave her 1/2 dose of FF Bloom and some molasses. She looks good and the flowers are really starting to show now. Take a look.

Day 22/63 of flowering

I haven’t posted for a while so a lot has happened. First, she has recovered from her sunburn for the most part. I had to dim the Mars Hydro TS1000 down to about 60% as I don’t have the clearance to provide the 16" from the LED. However, she is loving it. The shorter branches are doing very well and the taller ones are improving. Fed her today the standard 1/2 dose of the recommended FF nutes (all 3).

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Day 28/63 of flowering

4 weeks into flowering and most of the buds are developing quite nicely. These have 5 more weeks to get real fat.

Just a few colas that got light burned (the center ones that were closer to the light) are just going to be a little smaller.

See pic below.

Day 29/63 of Flowering.

It’s feeding day. She drank up her normal dose of FF trio today. It is amazing how much difference there is from one day to the next. I had some time today and took a few pictures. As you can clearly see, the damage from the light burn is severe but she is hanging in there nicely. I can’t hardly wait to see what these buds look like in 5 more weeks. Enjoy!