Bunch! To hatvest?

harvest? Seeds sprouted on 9/26 they are the purple mix. But I have a huge dilemma.

  1. Most of them are not ready. The birds are not full and the artichokes are cloudy.
    2but on one of purple haze, the trichomes are mostly brown. The bus are not full-like little cabbage buds.
    . The other plants artichokes are cloudy but the buds are again not full.

    The last pic is a clone of the GDP. But you can see the trichomes are cloudy
    … the buds are not full.
    I’m using ff and fully organic.
    I can post a pic of the plant but just imagine the home leaf has brown trixhomes! Should I hatvest? I mean there are a lot of small buds all over this plant.
    I just dont want to wait too long and I think that I already have.

Any ideas?

Sorry for the autocorrect it sucks

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The photos dont really show what a loupe can but most of the buds on the purple haze have brown trixhomes. I tried the lights off, on, 12 way and still cant get the photos I want you to see. Maybe I’m just jumping the gun

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I can see them on the 4th pic down

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How long did they flower exactly? One thing i can say is premature bud is no good. I learned the hard way from being impatient. Its not potent at all and doesnt have enough terpenes developed so will never have that loud smell even if u cure. And personally they look like they may have another few weeks. Alot of white hairs still

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And i cant see the trichs close enough on the 4th pic. If you’re referring to the trichs on the sugar leaves, those don’t count as a reference to maturity. U have to look at the ones in and on the bud. They look beautiful though

I always went by the tricomes on the leaves- I guess you never stop learning. I also went by the calyxs swelling. That was my main thing.
Let’s see, they sprouted on 9/26 on 11 /11 they started showing flower so they went full flower that day.i just hope they start to fill in the next couple of weeks or I’m gonna have popcorn nugs. The purple kush is one amazing plant. Its filling up nicely and is top heavy and full of trichomes.
There was a little burning on top and that’s where I seen most of the amber trics. After what you said that should be normal. Cause my guess is they do have at least 2 if not 3 weeks left to gflower. That will give the buds time to fill up nice and thick. So I’m gonna give them another month and harvest as they get ready.

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Yea the top bud usually matires quicker than the rest. Some people harvest in sections but i cant speak on that cause i never done it

I agree with @appleyardjr267
I see alot of young pistols still…
I would think they are far from ready to chop…


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I’m happy so far with ILGM genetics. This Purple Kush is really starting to pop. Temps have been staying at or near 48f during lights off and as high as 80f when on. But over the course of the last few days this Kush has really turned it on. There is some nutrient burn on one side of this plant. Don’t really know how that happened as this is the only plant that got burnt. All received the exact amount of nutes.

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I have found 3 or 4 bananas on three different plants. One PK and 2 GDP. All 12 plants were given the same amount of nutes and the same amount of light. I noticed one banana on a GDP clone and then one one GDP plant. Today I noticed that two bananas were still there as well as two on two Kush plants. I have pics. the only stress they got were some LST early on. They bananas showed up at the first of the final 2 weeks. I actually hope that I do get a couple of seeds from this as I lost half the seeds during germination, but ILGM did offer me a great deal on my next order which I took advantage of and I don’t have any of the Purple mix seeds left so I hope that these bananas do produce seed in these isolated buds. I did take one GDP clone and trying to revert it back to obtain clone mother. Now I only need 1 PK and 1 PH to take clones from. Once I harvest these I will leave enough leaves/small bud sites to revert back. I hope this works. Any ideas?
Light is a 1000 watt HPS. I removed the 2 1000 watt LEDS to use to convert these plants back.

Lights were left on last night and irmmare still on with this hurt my planta?

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plants? Were left on for 24 hours in full bloom with 2 weeks left will this hurt my plants. This happened last night

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It can cause an issue yes but if u onoy have 2 weeks left it may not be long enough for the seeds to form

Ok I have waited more than 2 weeks and I can’t post pics yet. They are ready I have all brown hairs and trichomes.

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I think it’s ready to chop. I have waited almost 3 weeks since last post-can I get some insight?

This is a bag seed that I planted on 9/26/20–I actually planted 8 of these but had to pull 7 but all 8 were female.

This is my Grand daddy Purple #growx3

This is my Grand Daddy Purple #1

These are my GDP clones
This is my Purple Haze #1

Purple haze#2

Purple kush#2
Purple kush #3
But this is the Kush that I am concerned about.

And again my GDP clones,

Any insight on the Purple kuah? I posted 21 days ago and you guys/gals said to give it a couple of more weeks-well I have given it 3 more weeks. Do you think it’s ready? The smell is amazing. Awaiting your verdict.

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I have been turning the lights on and off since the 3rd week from flower. I have 4 timers, one from harbor, 2 that came with my LEDs, and one that I have used for multiple grows. But, from some reason they all are acting funny. I have noticed 4 bananas on 3 different plants but I hope they go to seed. That’s a good thing. I dont mind manually turning the lights on since I’m up at daylight anyway. They are almost ready for harvest now. I will harvest in sections since some are ready and some are not. Ut, like ,o said temps have e been down to the low 40’s and as high as 80 plus. But the plants didn’t suffer. The nanners came from nowhere. The one plant was a bag seed and zi did everything except kill it to try and get it to hermy to get seed. Bit of o ly produced one banana. A Gtand daddy purple clone showed one too which is odd.
Anyway, I’m happy with my plants. Especially the Purple kish-IT IS BEAUTIFUL!
I also read an article about when to harvest and it said to harvest when the hairs were 40%red and curled in and the trichomes were 90% cloudy. They said that when the trichomes turn brown they turn to can and that’s not good. To that est when all of them are cloudy and there are not that many white hairs showing. I dont k ow the truth behind that but I’m going to give it a try and see how it turns out. It says the smoke is at its potent when all of the trichomes are cloudy. So I’m going to run with a partial harvest just to see. I will post my results.h

Most of it looks ready but I still save a lot of white hairs on a couple of them but it’s hard to tell with the orange background in the light