Bulldognuts second journal, 4th grow

Nothing against female, but I prefer regular seeds after growing some. Night and day difference. I’ll tag you.


Any that ship to Oz :pray: :crossed_fingers:
Probably not, Seedsman not taking new customers orders.

Herbies ship to Oz YES, that makes me happy

Thanks brother :v:


Or this?, reg jars and lids I think…

Canadian seed banks.

Crop King is meh, Dutch treat is there only solid genetic if your into sativa cbd that will still get you a nice medium to mild stone.
A friend of mine ordered 200 grew all of them at the same time and picked one plant as it was the strongest but he’s a bit crazy and into the marketplace Soo yeah.
I have ordered from Pacific seeds but haven’t grown out their genetics yet, no freebies and no name genetics seems sorta shifty but got the strains I paid for so meh I was strain hunting for something specific.

International shippers are a good way to go, I honestly like attitude so far they just have big sales, alot of breeders and they give so many freebies!

True north seeds is pretty good, but a bit pricey.
BC bud depo is a legend but I have never used them I also belive they are a bit more expensive then alternatives.

That being said true north would be my go to for Canadian seed banks.
I would like to buy ilgm seeds (photos not autos as Im not a fan of their auto genetics to be honest) but they don’t have a Canadian base and I refuse to fk with the USA border

Mephisto has a Canadian side if you want to grow top their auto genetics.


To late for that, this journal went off the rails a long time ago LOL. Even my original post mentioned this grow was already going off the rails. I may have encouraged it.


Lol. Out of like…




Bulldog ur so chill about stuff. Ty for being such a cool person!:blue_heart:


@Covertgrower ty for telling me about True N seeds, and also that tip about also ordering a gift was really helpful.


OK, I’m going to actually post something about growing. May even have some helpful info about Jack’s 321. NL autos are stretching and flowering. I’ve been defoiliating the autos and they are looking good. The Skywalker photos are also doing great. I feel like I’ve neglected them a little. Aside from the original LST I haven’t done much to them. I will more than likely flip lights next weekend so I need to get busy cleaning them up. Getting to the info about Jack’s. I haven’t taken runoff readings the last couple of waterings. I originally said that for me this was going to be sort of experiment due to the soil I’m using and the fact that I probably won’t need to feed until flower. So I decided to experiment a little and add Jack’s 321 to the NL autos water. I always water early in the light cycle so that they will have plenty of light afterwards. I checked the girls right before lights out and they looked good. By later in the afternoon the next day they were starting to get nute burn mostly on the lower fan leaves. So I’m definitely going to have to wait until ppm’s start dropping before I start Jack’s. I needed to do some defoiliation so I just went ahead removed the affected leaves. Tips of some of the newer growth had a little burn, not to bad though. If you are still reading sorry about the long update. I usually try to keep them short, but wanted include info on Jack’s so anyone considering using it they will be aware that if you are going to use hot soil you definitely need to keep up with your ppm’s. OK I’ll stop rambling now and post some pics.

Here’s a family photo.

This is the NL autos.

This a pic of NL flower.

Skywalker OG’s


I blame you @kaptain3d for being a Giphy enabler :joy::joy:

@Bulldognuts wow you actually grow weed on this thread :joy:
They look greenalicious


First pic I’ve seen of weed growing in here on a while lol me and my gf just made this to keep track of everything


Looking great as usual👍


Looks killer dude!! :grin:


Looking good bud!

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I agree! They all look great man :wink::fire:


Just a heads up for those asking about ILGM seeds shipping to Canada. @kaptain3d @Nicky @Chu666cky This is a post from @latewood talking about shipping to Canada.

May 2020 bud of the month contest


Thanks for the encouragement @Dbpooper @ReconBravo @Chasfitter @Doobert @Cratix @Enlightened420


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