Bulldognuts New Grow Room Journal

Oh that’s definitely Blue Dream for me!


Happy cannavesery mam


Im loving those NorthernDawgs! They look great!


I’ll get to try blue dream 2 ways. Solo cup grow if it lives thru the flower session lol and the top I took I clones so I have a bigger version just in case it don’t work out :joy::joy:


Haha we in the same boat I want my 2 survive


BOM voting is open, everyone go vote :+1:


I have been using my soil mixture since my second grow. For those that doesn’t know it’s a 50/50 mixture of FF Ocean Forest and Coco Loco. I’ve been fairly successful with it and generally don’t need to start nutrients until flowering starts. The Coco Loco is supposed to be 50-60% coco ,the remaining is supposed to be aged forest products. It is also amended and buffered the same as Ocean Forest. I do use Tribus during Veg and add Botanicare cal-mag plus. I switched to Jack’s 321 during my 3rd grow and have been very satisfied with results.

When I was mixing up my soil I noticed that the Coco Loco seemed to have a different consistency and appearance than in the past. It actually appeared to have more coco than usual. I didn’t think anymore about until this week. I noticed that I was getting some, what appeared to be calcium deficiency. Then I noticed that some lower leaves were yellowing. Fairly unusual based on my past experience with this mixture. So I had a choice to make. Take runoff ppm’s or go with my gut, which was telling me that with the mixture having more coco in it I probably should start using Jack’s. I went with adding Jack’s, which may end up burning my girls or actually help with issues. If it burns them up, then I’ll be smacking myself on the head. If it doesn’t and it helps, then I’ll be telling myself damn, I’m good. :grin::rofl: I’ll update in a couple of days with results.

The yellowing

Calcium issue

Group photo

Northern Dawgs


Good luck with the Jacks. I hope that does it for you. Jacks is easy to tweak if you need to.


Hope jacks fixes the mistake there. I’ve tried cocoloco before any other coco and I must say I didn’t like it one bit. I had the same issues u have there and could not get it fixed. Took me taking the plant out and mixing ffof with the cocoloco finally got it on track and made it to the finish line. I’ve buffered the cocoloco set pH on it and all and still had nothing. Ut issues til I switched and mixed it. Cocoloco is a weird coco if u ask me lol


That’s the thing, it’s not pure coco. Being mixed with soil you can’t really treat it like coco. When I first started using it I didn’t know that it wasn’t pure coco. When I realized that it was a mixture and it worked well I just kept using it. I’m fairly confident that by starting Jack’s things will get back on track.


Hmmm maybe that’s my issue. I was setting pH to 5.8 like coco should be. Oh well that’s long gone now lol.


You have to treat the Coco loco like soil it’s like Happy frog 6.5


Looks like you’ve found the issue early enough with them needing a nute bump. Either my eyes are old or your lighting is different in each tent but the first group pic looks a bit lighter green. Or the OG’s are just more sensitive and need a bump. Your ND’s aren’t even fazed and kicking azz!

Have you done a pH and ppm runoff to see where you are? Just curious to know. Sometime in the future after a couple more grows I’m thinking about a jump to coco only. But I don’t really want to water every day, just yet. :thinking:

Still looking great after a month! :v:


I keep telling myself I should make the change, but I don’t for the same reason. With the Ocean Forest and Coco Loco mix I can 3-4 days between watering. I’ve been looking at HydroLock auto watering systems, I would like to invest into the 6 plant system. If I do I’ll make the jump to Coco.

I went with my gut and started nutrients Friday, so far they are responding great, no burn. I’ll put pics up tomorrow. I’m using Pacific Light Concepts strips in big tent and BudgetLed dot com lights in the 4x4. They’re similar to HLG QB’s .


U’ll love the switch to coco if u do. Hook up a small water system. They have multiple cheaper setups on Amazon for auto watering. I’m almost contemplating getting one as I e been getting a bit lazy with the grows and not watering everyday like I should. Some days I skip a day mostly not on purpose. Ut I get busy and stay busy for the most of time I’m awake ni get bored super fast so if I’m busy I’m not bored lol.


Sunday morning :sunrise_over_mountains: update time. Following up on midweek post about the possibility of needing to start nutrients, so far the girls ability to tolerate Jack’s full strength is going well. As they continue to tolerate I won’t be taking runoff ppm’s. I have started LST on all the Ladies with the exception of the LA Confidential. She is doing well, but staying stubby so I may just let her do her thing and not worry about training. The Northern Dawgs, these are the Ladies that are from NL×Chemdawg hermied plants, are doing well. I flipped them to flower 3-4 days ago so the watch for hermies has begun.

The Ladies in the 4x8

The Northern Dawgs


They look so great :+1: :ok_hand:
They are a pleasure to watch :eyes:


Woo hoo!!! Looks fantastic! Now the fun stuff begins!


Yeah man, always go with the gut instinct and get’er done. Especially when you know what to do and ya definitely are. Good to hear they’re responding well to the nutes. I was just curious for shizz and giggles to see what yer runoff would have been. Only to bookmark for another learning point. :blush: No worries.

I’m familiar with your lights from the previous grows. I’ve went and got me a DIY on some plc strips and a meanwell hlg320H C1400 driver. Gonna make an 8 strip build that should be close to what @imSICKkid has. Running an HLG650r in my 3x3 now and the temps are too hot even though I’m only at 330watts. Crazy! So far my grow is doing good with it. The plc build will be used my next grow. I’m sure I tagged you into my current journal. If not check it out and appreciate the feedback. Have a good one! :v:


Beautiful :heart_eyes: all around. Great job