Building your own lights

I’m so unsure where to go with my lighting set up. I initially bought a MARS HYDRO TS 1000W. I know that I bought on the low side of things, but haven’t found many good middle options. I know there are kits out there to put together your own lights. Can any one suggest material on how to do this and kits with pieces I’ll need.

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PCb boards and heatsink 279$ + 30 shipping -$310

Ultra High Efficiency LED Boards for DIY. QB288 has 288pcs Samsung LM301H LED

Price: USD 279.00

Driver $53


Wagos $9

Wago 221-412 LEVER-NUTS 2 Conductor Compact Connectors 10 PK

Hangers w/ clips $7

Bayyee Rope Hanger Hanging Basket Plant Holders for Indoor and Outdoor LED Grow Light Aquarium Lighting Tank Lamp, Stainless Steel (16’’ Black 1Pair)

Power $11

Pinfox 6ft 16 Gauge 3 Prong Heavy Duty Replacement Power Supply Cord Cable 110V 115V 120V Pigtail for Universal AC Appliance, NEMA 5-15 Plug US SJT 16AWG (12A)

18g wire x2 (black & red) $16

RadioShack 18 AWG Solid Copper Hook-Up Wire - 25’ Spool, Black

There’s the build for a hlg 320 @ $410


For sure hlg if u want good lights. There are others out there but HLG is solid lights cant go wrong with them


There’s kits that you can buy and save some money. You can also consider building lights by building from individual components. Here’s a link to a thread that has the answers to everything you would need to know about building your own. It’s over 8000 post now, but you can ask questions there and get all the guidance you would need.

There’s also videos on YouTube to guide you step-by-step. I opted to build lights with Pacific Lights Concepts Photo Boost Strips. There’s other options of Led components available also. I’ll link the video I used to build unit that is for a 2x4 space. I built 2 of them to use in a 4x8 tent. The video is complete, it list all of the components needed and links to Amazon to purchase most of the supplies. The guy in the video is the owner of PLC Light company. He goes by greengenesgarden on YouTube and has videos listed under Pacific Light Concepts. You can build one of these lights for less than $400 depending on where you order components from. While you may not be interested in DIY option, at least this will give you some idea of what can be done.


What size light are you looking for?

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something that would fit in a 3x3 tent and would be sufficient for 3-4 plants. Yeah, this would be like one of the most important details to provide. Thanks for asking!


Wow, this is great information! I will be going through this, but it looks like I have a lot to learn!


This a pretty good example.